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The Vedic Vaastu can be defined scientifically or traditionally. Traditional Vaastu still narrates the Vaastu defects’ impact with the help of ‘SHUBH & ASHUBH (auspicious & inauspicious) not only because that seems to the traditional Vaastu consultants very easy, but also a tact to save time & energy during an on-site Vaastu survey which certainly not demands any good academic status, qualification, experience, Vaidic-shastras linked background or similar professional personality texture whereas the most advanced & logical trend to define each Vaastu flaw with the help of scientific logics (pure science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography etc.) is very much prominent since last one decade among a few Vaastu consultants of the world.

The progressive and prominent Vaastu consultants are using the most advanced but too mush expensive tools & equipments to measure the positivity & negativity of a plot, building, house-hold goods, various Vaastu & Fengshui items, crystals, gem-stones, directions, decorative items, main gate, different Bithi-shulas etc. Even these instruments can detect the hidden energies of a site like presence of a negative well, other negative things buried beneath the earth like grave-yard, landfill, negative telluric wave crossing under or near one’s site.

These instruments are called ‘Cosmo-telluric Sensors’, Geopathic Stress Gauge’, ‘Bio-feedback’ etc. and they work on the principles of sensing different frequencies, resonance and vibrations from the environment, atmosphere, earth or surroundings of a structure or empty land as a plot that do not match with the human being resulting into heavy loss of health, wealth and harmony. The great contribution of such tools is that not only the Vaastu consultant can feel, see or judge the response of these instruments himself but any one can see it with his/ her eyes what is the position of positive or negative vibration on/ inside one’s house, plot or factory. Besides the above, one can see the intensity of those Vaastu vibrations made clearly visible by the sensor.

That is why the instruments and their training costs high. The traditional Vaastu advisor still carry only a small magnetic compass in his pocket which can only show the north and every one can make out the other directions, but today’s client/ customers are very much anxious to see the real reading of their site and can not follow blindly what the advisor simply directs to build or demolish whole or a small part of the building which involves very high cost. Long back one of my client at Manesar (Gurgaon) told that he was very much impressed to see the first time the sensor when I used it at his site.

He admitted that commonly Vaastu consultants have only one small compass and nothing else and most of the time it is very difficult to spend large amount on construction or demolition on his advice.

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