'Aura' & 'Chakra'

Aura’ & ‘Chakra’ – interconnected: ‘Aura’ is a type of an energy shield that always keeps on protecting us from the external and internal negative vibrations.

In an Aura photograph, the colorful bright spheres around the body show the delight of our mind and positive state of our health, but black, brown and dull spots, gaps, detached energy circles etc. tell the weakness and abnormality with the particular organ.

Our entire body comprises of many energy centers called the ‘CHAKRA’. Each Chakra has its own colours, which reflects in an Aura photograph. Stress, illness, sorrow, tension, tiredness, negative thinking, fear, anger & hate are known to be some of the internal factors that adversely effect our Aura whereas negative surroundings like staying for long in fungi effected or bad smelt premises, use of liquors, tobacco, smoking, influence of bad community, friendship with bad habit stuff, excess Electro Magnetic Radiations etc. are few of the external negative influences.















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