Improving  your Aura

Colours balancing, Yoga, meditation, Crystal therapy, Reiki, Pranic healing, water therapy, Ayurvedic cures, Aroma therapy etc. are commonly used therapies to improve subtle body energy i.e. Aura. Early rising, chanting religious Mantras, positive thinking, sea bathing and walk are the other methods to improve the symmetry, circles and transparency of Aura’s colours. Controlling over spicy food-stuff, junk food etc. and taking maximum fruits, vegetables and balanced protein diet are generally helpful in improving our Aura. But remember, only the regularity and continuity in the above shall be useful whereas short term follow up shall certainly make our Aura slightly better for a short span.

The Australian scientist Dr. Tom Chalklo rates meditation as the best possible method of improving Auras. In an article on the subject, he writes: "When we have a kaleidoscope of thoughts in our mind, they override and disturb what our mind-body system would do by itself. But when we manage to stop all thoughts, we give our own body and mind the freedom of attaining its natural state of being. In this state, our aura is not only stronger but also better reflects our true nature better."

There are many aspects of the aura that yet remain unexplored but with an increasing sensitivity and concerns towards the hitherto unknown facets of human existence, perhaps we'll soon understand this sparkling presence more deeply around us, and thus, connect to our souls. That shall be a golden day for the entire humanity when every one shall turn to be a through humanitarian, filled with truly positive vibrations. He shall realize the real value of being sober, gentle, helpful, soft spoken, kind, nature admiring and God fearing. 










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