Aura study is very useful too

Aura study & understanding to it is very useful in our daily life. Texture and transparency of Aura colors and its intensity, especially around and above the head have very special meanings. By watching someone's aura, you can actually see the other person's thoughts before you hear them expressed verbally. If they do not agree with what this person is saying, you effectively see a lie every time. No one can lie in front of you undetected. We cannot fake the Aura. It shows our trueness and intentions for everyone to see.

Aura is our spiritual signature also. When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be sure that such person is good and spiritually balanced, even if he is modest and not aware of it. When you see a person with a grey or dark Aura, you may be almost sure that such person has unclear intentions, regardless how civilized, eloquent, mannered, impressive, educated, good looking or well dressed he seems to appear. It is especially important to check the aura of any religious leader, "spiritual teacher", "master" or a "guru". Such a person should have a clearly defined yellow-golden halo around the head. If he does not have it, you are much better on your own. In such case you are the best judge to decide acceptance or rejection of his mastership because today most of the ‘Gurus’ or religious leaders are behind the power and money.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj’s expertise on Vaastu & Aura Study: 
Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is an internationally renowned seasoned Vaastu practitioner & he has expertise on Aura study also. He always uses a CESS (Computerized Energy Scanning System) that helps in tracing out various positive & negative vibrations. Aura matching of a person with his house, room, office or workplace is an advanced & unique Vaastu technique being used by Dr.Anand Bhardwaj.  Marching with international ambience by keeping in the front row, he keeps on updating his expertise technologically & knowledge wise.

There is nothing "paranormal" in the Universe, except our limited understanding of Nature. What we think we “know” on Earth now is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledg. In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain and called them "miracles". Long ago, people were able to see Auras. Advanced spiritual people such as Buddha, Christ and their immediate students were painted with golden haloes around their heads, because some artists could actually see Auras. In Australia remote West Kimberleys you can find prehistoric cave paintings, many thousands of years old, depicting people with golden haloes. Nature gave us ALL we need to see Auras. All is required is the knowledge how to use your senses together with your conscious effort. If you decide not to try, you will NEVER see the Aura. On the other hand, when you SEE something for yourself, no longer will you need to rely on believing someone. You will KNOW. And you can use your knowledge to learn more.

Many great people in the past complained that "we have eyes and we do not see". Further in this document you will discover what they meant. ANYONE can see auras to some degree. Rather than create an aura of mystery around my newly acquired skill, my approach is to show everyone what their eyes are capable of. When nearly everyone (including children) sees a similar thing, I consider this a part of our Nature and I say that it deserves our attention.
There is nothing "paranormal" in the Universe, except our limited understanding of Nature. What we think we “know” on Earth now is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge.

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