Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. It works on the principles of receiving positive vibes and avoiding negative vibrations, hence does not do any miracles in anybody’s life. It is up to the person individually whether he/ she believe on Vastu shastra or not. If you have no faith in it, just discard the entire vastu description mentioned here. If you know what exactly is vastu, then only adopt the advice. Vastu tenets’ benefits and anti-vastu flaws’ impact on a human being may vary person to person. This all is more concerned with a person’s receptivity and resistance to positivity and negativity.

The website owner or the designer does not owe any responsibility or liability of good or bad results being experienced by anyone due to following the vastu principles because there could be numerous other known or hidden physical reasons behind each incident.

This disclaimer is a statutory declaration to warn all the website visitors.

How Vastu is scientific:  Vastu works on purely scientific principles hence there is no superstitious description or advice in it for example it is based on the strength and nature of sunrays that contains infrared & ultraviolet rays varying from morning till evening, putting different impact of human being. Secondly is talks about the north-south axis & magnetic impacts on us. Likewise it tells to use maximum natural light and to avoid artificial means like electric and electronic equipments.

How one person is ill effected with anti-vastu factor & other does not? It may happen that a person living in very dark and moist room which is devoid of any natural light, window, fresh air, sun rays etc. may live for years together with no serious health problem, but science says it is not good for our health. Hence the same weather, environment or climate may harm a majority of a common mass.



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