Why to go for Fengshui?

Why to go for Fengshui? Yes, the question is genuine that if we have Vastu Shastra, then why to think of feng-shui. The answer is very simple. Fengshui is one of the most wonderful arts in which one can take double benefits of his/ her money because on one hand the Chinese Fangshui has opened the venue to decorate the interior & exterior of a house or office with the help of approximately 162 items or showpieces like Laughing Budha, Wind Chime, Bamboo plant, Good-luck tree, Tortoise, Dragon, Un-ended Love Knot, Crystal Balls, Luk-fuk-sau, Kuan-yin-mother, Fu Dogs, Mystic knot, Mandarin ducs, Love birds, Three Chinese Coins, Phoenix bird, sword of coins etc. etc……….,, very easily available in the market. They are not costly too. On the other hand, a proper positioning and placement of all the feng shui items and showpieces are very closely concerned with the welfare of human being in terms of providing health, wealth, social recognition, family harmony and all round prosperity. Thus, one may make multiple usage of his hard earned money. In the above context, feng shui may be defined as a multipurpose art used for interior and exterior decoration. Not only it helps to innovatively decorate but also brings good luck to us. But one should take care while using these fengshui articles because where its proper placing brings good luck, the wrong placement may harm.

Fengshui Corrections:
Fengshui is one of most popular methods for ‘Vastu corrections without demolition”. In feng-shui, there are multiple remedies available for inauspicious positioning of wrongly placed main gates, toilets, bedrooms, stairs, pooja place, store room, kitchen, balcony, study, locker room, basement, ceilings, elevation, mumty, shaft, duct etc. in a residential premises.

Similarly, fengshui provides a number of remedies for industry, factory, commercial sites, shops or showrooms by making them vastu positive with the help of few items, articles and objects defined in Fengshui. It does not need any demolition.

Fengshui boosters:
Not only the above, if one has constructed his house according to the vastu principles, he can further boost up the entire premises with the help of fengsui. For example, if one has the main gate in Ishaan corner located in north-east direction, nothing like it. This can further be energised by placing water elements, green pots, lawns and a small marble statue of lord Ganesha. The aquarium, with nine golden fishes, placed inside the building at the left side of main door (from inside) enhances the positive energies that blesses with the career prospects of children & shines the business opportunities in business premises.

The doors at AIR corner or in west directions are recommended to boost with wind-chimes of six and seven spokes respectively. Main doors of South facing houses can be made positive by fixing Chinese Ba-gua mirror in front of the door at the midst of roof and door’s uppermost level with 9 Egyptian greys in the threshold. The use of black-horse-shoe to ward-off negative vibrations has been in vogue since olden times. I have seen a number of cases where the wrongly placed main entrance had put the business and family’s harmony in troubles. Recently I visited an industry at Chennai (India), where only the dislocation of main entrance had started turning the business in troubles. In fact, VAASTU guides one to get the lifetime benefits by harnessing the abandoned energies, present in the universe. So why not to use them for our multiple comforts.

Therefore the Vastu impacts of positioning & placement should be looked at professionally because one should at least know all the positive & negative factors about one’s premises so that he remains always one step forward in positive & gainful direction.

Fengshui cures without demolition:
Fengshui provides a number of cures to treat the cut-corners, reduced front area or a critical obstruction on the entrance. One can treat the same by having an increased impact by using fengshui enhancers like convexes, non-cut large reflectors, posters giving depth effects or highlighting the main entrance area with a proper combination of focus lights recommended in Fengshui, but avoid putting any such reflecting instrument just in front of the main gate that could return back the positive Ch’i. However Ba-gua mirror, if placed properly, is enough to repel back the negative vibrations, emerging due to poisonous arrows like an ugly looking huge tree, smoke-chimneys, high-rise buildings pointing to one’s premises, transformers, ‘T’ junctions of negative category etc.

How fengshui Corrections Without Demolition Method Works? Gone are the days when Vastu consultants were confined to the typical and traditional methodology of providing Vastu guideline through surgical operation of full or partial building structure in order to reduce or remove negative vibrations. This could be possible with a joint constructive contribution of Vastu Shastra, Pyramidology, Home Remedies & Fengshui.

I take an opportunity to pay thanks to world-wide knowledge of similar therapies that have come closer during last 18-20 years to ease the process of turning negativities into positive vibrations.

During Vastu visit-at-site, I find sufficient possibilities to control negative vibrations in a house, business premises, showroom or other similar structures through constructive Vastu techniques and it is advised to further boost the Yang Chi (positive energy) through Fengshui, but when I start talking about remedies through Fengshui, the Chinese Vastu, often I observe a silent question mark on the faces of my clients because for them it senses to be difficult to digest that there exists a similar or parallel science in other parts of the world like China, that deals with the interior designing and decoration and may suggest multiple remedies to energise the premises by diverting negativity, but I strongly believe that one must be open minded enough to accept and adopt global knowledge, if it can be helpful to us.


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