How to use Pyramids to Ward-of Negativity

How to Use pyramids to ward-of the negativity:  I have witnessed a number of cases where not only a single person but also other inmates had to continuously suffer from multiple discomforts due to only a single major negative factor. There are pyramidal remedies to overcome such VAASTU defects up to a substantial extent. You can fix up a set of nine, eighty one or ninety one Egyptian Grey Pyramids (more powerful than the ordinary plastic pyramids)s to counter such YIN energy (inauspicious energy ). These can be from 5 inches large to as smaller as less than one-inch Egyptian Grey Pyramids (more powerful than the ordinary plastic pyramids)s in the combination as required to control the same, but remember, first trace-out the major and minor VAASTU defects as per guideline mentioned in this website on vastu and use the Egyptian Grey Pyramids (more powerful than the ordinary plastic pyramids)s accordingly on the inauspicious side wall, door or at the passage very discretionarily. Place a small four sided Egyptian Grey Pyramids  of natural crystal on the top of monitor. It shall help reducing the radiations & cut-short the frequency of computer related troubles.

Pyramid Cures:
If one opts for “Vastu Corrections without Demolition” strategy, Pyramids can be of much use. Even if one has toilet in north-east direction of the premises be it a house or a commercial set up, using clusters of set of nine pyramids made of “Egyptian Grays” are capable to cure it. In case of a latrine present in east or north can also be cured with “Egyptian Grays” pyramids. No need to demolish the toilets of south-west, which is considered as negative as in north-east Ishaan direction; just use the “Egyptian Grays” stone with white centered or similar textures in the centre of the toilet or one each in each corner and one in middle, to be buried under the floor, that’s all and enough. We can check if the “Egyptian Grays”  pyramids have worked and removed this serious vastu Dosha or not with the help of one instrument called “Cosmo-telluric sensor”, being used by few Vastu consultants in the world. This scientific instrument made in western countries can easily find the Vastu defect in a house, even if the house owner does not tell him. His sensor shall make out. After 1 month from the date of using the “Egyptian Grays”   pyramids in the toilets, no sensor or instrument shall be able to explore the north-east, east or north direction toilets. This is the justification and practical test of using “Egyptian Grays”  pyramids. Similarly, the Vastu defects of wrongly placed kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, door or main gate etc can also be cured with “Egyptian Grays” pyramids. But this needs a detailed professional Vastu consultation.

Pyramid - a positive structure:
Science says “energy neither can be made nor destroyed by any one.” That’s true. I agree that the form of energy can be changed like we can turn potential energy to kinetic and kinetic to electricity and so. So is the case of a pyramid used by Vastu & pyra-vaastu practitioners. Certainly Pyramid does not generate any energy, but it gathers and spreads energy being processed by its holy structure. Presence of a pyramid in any area gives positivity to it. Large pyramids can do miracles by blessing with multi comforts. In Vaasthu Shastra, pyramids of different shape, size and material are used to divert the inauspicious energies from the negative area. Basically it is one of the strongest tools used in Vastu especially in cases where it seems to be too much expensive to remove a toilet from North-east or ISHAAN corner or in a premises which is rented and as a tenant one can hardly think of making even a minute change to have Vastu comforts. I have experienced a number of cases where few changes were essential to ward-off the negative vibrations but sliding even a single brick was not desired by the landlord. In such situations, pyramids had been very useful.

Using multiple energisers:
Today, those aware of the benefits of pyramids are preferring to have a pyramid in their building structure, be it their house or a business premises. The thought behind the same is that they tend to build the structure as per VAASTU, energise it by providing a wooden, concrete or synthetic sheet’s pyramid and decorate as per Fengshui’s guideline. It is always wise to consult the professional expert who has equally good hold on all the three areas because the size, shape and material used to build-up a pyramid is the principal determinant of the energy generated by the pyramid. Secondly, the appropriate placement of FENGSHUI items, selection of colours for carpets, curtains and furniture, placement of other show pieces, objects, direction of each member also determines the growth and stability.  The perfect combination of the above three can bring peace, prosperity & harmony manifolds.

Harnessing pyramid power in business:
In industries, the chamber of the Chief of the Organisation may be energised by placing nine inches pure crystal pyramid or a set of nine small Egyptian grays pyramids in Nairutya (south-west) corner. It can be the Egyptian grays , clear crystal, rose quartz or amethyst. They can either be placed on the left side of the table if the owner sits facing to the most positive direction i.e. ISHAAN. The same is recommended to be placed in extreme South-west of the premises or the owner’s desks. However, a crystal bowl’s presence on the tables of senior executives of the Organisation may enhance stability to them, but take care that no sharp metal objects like pins or blades are placed inside them.

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