9-1 Pyramid
  9-1 Pyramid: This is a very commonly used set or cluster of pyramids. To ward of the negativity from a toilet of north-east, east or north, this is very effective. Even then, the pyramid made of Egyptian grey stone are more effective, long last and accurate. But they are also usually used in the set of 9-1. The traditional plastic pyramid has a total number of 91 pyramids, that is why this is called the pyramid of 9 1.

Nine-one’s pyramids are very commonly used. They are made in four to five inches length, width & height. Base angle of these pyramids is 51 to 54 degrees and accordingly the top becomes 72 degrees to 78 degrees. In one set of pyramids, the total number is ninety-one in which the base bears 81 tiny pyramids with 9 one-inch pyramids and one top of the 90 pyramids.

Generally “Egyptian Grays” are considered to be better and of long lasting effect.  “Pyramid Energy or pyra-energy Force Field contains energy vibrations of all these Energy vibrations.

History & Background:

Man knew about the beneficial effects of Pyramid Energy System even 6,000 years back. This is evident from the use of Pyramid Geometric shapes in numerous structures viz. Pyramids, mosques, Gurudwara, Temples etc.  

Ancient peoples’ sciences and knowledge was consciously forsaken by man during the last about 100 years in the wake of Industrial Revolution which eventually brought about a new but somewhat irrational concept of forsaking all traditions and customs irrespective of their true merits.

People around the world were quite irrationally led by the scientific, rational, powerful, and influential opinion leaders, to opt for only that which the Modern Scientists have verified and tested in their laboratories with their new and modern (always state of the art) instruments like cosmotelluric sensor. Public and the Government was made to believe that the Modern Medicine Industry was in reality, re-searching all ailments and drugs, very scientifically, in contrast with the ancient practices which were base-less - not being based on modern scientific evidence.

Scientists across the globe have been awed by the great size of the Giza (Egypt) Pyramid - 450 feet tall - occupying 13 acres of land - using 2.6 million stones - smallest stone weighing 2 tons - biggest stone weighing 70 tons; how it was built by human being, baffles every one even today.

Pyramids - Scientifically calculated:

There is certainly some scientific basic behind making of the pyramids calculations in Egypt. In Egypt, the main chamber of the Giza pyramid incorporates Pythagorean theorem. Plato in Timaeuss has declared Pythagorean theorem to be the building block of the universe.  Looking down towards the descending passage of the Giza pyramid, into a reflecting water tank, one could determine the speed of a star's orbit.

This system is quite similar to the one used even today in our modern observatories. Scientists thought at one time, that mummification prevents decay of the dead body cells of the mummies kept within Pyramid Space. So why did the Egyptians create such an unusual and massive Pyramid structure to place the mummified bodies? And even more pertinent question was that how did they create such a massive structure, 5,000 years back, without the modern day technology and equipments? Because all the engineers of the world today - together cannot re-create the Great Giza Pyramid - They neither have the technique or the equipment to do so, defines wikipedia.

The scientists' attention has been therefore focused on these issues for the past 80 years. Many independent and state funded research programs have been going on.

Positivity works in such structure:

Dr. S. Bovis of France was involved in a similar research program and he saw (about 40 years back) a stray cat, which had died after entering the Pyramid. The cat's body was obviously not mummified- and yet - he observed that its dead body was not decaying for weeks.

Therefore he thought that some invisible Energy Field present within the Pyramid Space is preventing the decay of the dead body cells - by keeping the dead cells in perfect harmony.

His path-breaking research revealed that all life forms and all matter, when placed within the Pyramid Space of a scale model, improved in performance, behavior, and appearance. e.g.

  • Medicines show better cure if placed under the pyramidal structure.

  • Plants grow better and faster within Pyramid Space as compared to out-side.

  • A shaving blade stored within Pyramid Space could be used for 100 shaves as compared to an un-energized blade, which could not be used after 2 shaves.

  • Fruit and Food products had longer shelf life within Pyramid Space.

  • Foods (coffee, fruit, etc) improved in taste and flavor when stored within Pyramid Space.

  • All dead animals placed within Pyramid Space did not decay for several weeks.

  • Those who used his scale model Pyramid reported better sleep, improved meditation, reduced fatigue, relief in symptoms of aches and pains, asthma, etc.

When the result of these experiments were presented to the world, thousands around the world began to research Pyramid Energy Systems. Pyramid Energy System, was found to have application in,

  • Physical fitness & healing

  • Energizing drinking water for better health and digestion;

  • Polishing tarnished jewelry;

  • agro-products to increase the yield and quality of crop;

  • Relieving fatigue and tension by standing/ sitting below it.

  • Meditation and medication etc.

  • Ionizing air particles for cleaner environment;

  • Re-charging dry battery cells;

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