Precautions in using Pyramids

In each case the apex of the Egyptian Grey Pyramids (more powerful than the ordinary plastic pyramids)s has to be positioned to the sky-line and the base to be matched to perfect magnetic north-south line. This is also to be mentioned that in this situation, east side’s slope of all the Egyptian Grey Pyramids shall face to East and the slope itself shall remain parallel to the North-south line. But never place it wrongly i.e. leaning, upside down or in some other way not described here above. 

I have also come across such cases where a novice Egyptian Grey Pyramids crazy family member bought a number of sets of different Egyptian Grey Pyramids, used them and within a week’s time this senior family member was admitted to the hospital. This was the real case at Ambala Cantt when unknowingly eighty one Egyptian Grey Pyramids were used wrongly by this gentleman. So avoid doing any experiment with your well being.

The size & material of the Egyptian Grey Pyramids depends on the buying capacity of the user, however, they are easily available with outlets dealing in Egyptian Grey Pyramids.

Maintain accuracy in building / using the pyramids: Though pyramids are always positive, even than it is always better to use them with the consultation or under the supervision of an experienced Pyramidology expert because there are certain factors and parameters while using the pyramids mentioned here below otherwise the total amount spent on pyramids, entire effort, labour cost and expected benefits may not be achieved.

  • Dimensions factor like measurement or dimension of the base, number of sides, slope from apex (top), apex angle, base angle, height from base to top,

  • material of which the pyramid is made for example: clay, Egyptian Grey, Brass, plastic, metal, paper mesh, poly carbonate, fiber, crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, tiles, R.C.C., bricks, hard board etc. In each case the precautions & desired results vary, hence an advice of a seasoned Pyramidologist is needed,

  • direction, area, place and purpose of using the pyra-vastu application is also of great concern,

  • facing of each slant towards the positivity receiving direction or target sides to be taken care. In few pyramids all the directions are mentioned on itself, but for other pyramids, one is supposed to match them in accordance with the plus sides,

  • nature of ground or base like raw flooring, linter, table top, pooja place, cash box, toilets of north, east or north-east, kitchen located in north, north-east or south-west, study area, staircase located in north or east directions, anti-clock-wise rotation of the stairs etc. where these pyramids are to be used.

For using or building a pyramid the above are the major factors to be considered while deciding the same. The best place to form a pyramid is subject to its purpose, size and shape of the plot, however, one can take lifetime benefit of pyramid water by placing an appropriate pyramid on one’s overhead water tank. Pyramid can be used to energise the plot or house with weak or negative telluric energy. Egyptian grey are most appreciated pyramids used in Pyra-vaastu cures. This helps in Vastu corrections without structural changes.

How Pyra-vastu remedies may be used? Pyramid can be used by:-

  • placing white Egyptian trans-Pyra in the cash box, good for Vastu for money,
  • simply placing them on the bed’s head side’s tables, on both sides,
  • by placing them on study table
  • keeping them in the floor/ underground,
  • placing under the bed or upon the earth,
  • inside, if the kitchen is not positive for health,
  • Pooja room may be energised by having pyramids in it,
  • drinking water energized within base pyramids,
  • One can make a Pyramid at home for experimentation or education.

How to check a pyramid? Dowsing is the best method to check the appropriate positive tendency or negative tendency of a pyramid. Take a pendulum and hold it over any pyramid - if it starts moving clockwise the energy force field is positive, but if it moves in the anti-clock direction the energy force field is negative. This pyramid will be good for meditation - provided that the energy force field of the place where it is placed or used is positive. Otherwise it may aggravate problems. One can use a pendulum to determine whether the energy force field of a place is positive or negative. Pendulum is easy method of dowsing pyramids. Dowsing pendulums can be made with pointed conical crystal, rose quarts, amethyst or of a metal. For instant use of pendulum dowsing, one can make it by suspending the ring (finger ring- ornamental) for dowsing. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is more advanced in this subtle energy reading and he uses a number of scientific dowsers, scanners & energy sensors to check the positivity of Pyramids. Thus, the tests are more authentic and scientific.

Logical Pyra-vastu: Vastu shastra talks about energy field in a premises. Similarly, each pyramid works on the principles of energies. Frequencies of energy can be handled or manipulated by choosing size, material, shape, and colour as scientifically energy force fields are a product of these four main variables. If one wants to create his own pyramid, he can. Anyone can make Pyramids at home - millions have done it in the past two decades all over the world. One needs to be careful in choosing the materials, size, shape, colour, and the place where it is made, who makes it and how it is being used. All the above factors are most important. In some industries, a lage RCC pramids have been made in the ceiling and the results are positive.

How Pyra-energy works? Each pyramid acts like an antenna. It captures geological, biological, and cosmic energy particles inside the pyra-structure and around it. So if the energy particles captured by the pyramid happens to be negative, the energy force field will be negative. This is why proper knowledge of lecher antenna &/ or pendulum dowsing system is most essential before venturing into making of pyramid energy system. Energy force field of our home and work place may drain our bio-energy (physical and mental) if it is negative. This may cause fatigue and tension dis-proportionate to our activity and situation. Over a period one may become tension prone, irritable, angry, and depressed. The decision making ability, inter-personal relations, and performance may become impaired and affected. Such person may not enjoy life nor be at peace with him despite having all material comforts of life like home, kids, money, social reputation etc. By placing appropriate pyramid energy system, the energy force field of the land and building will be transformed into positive and the person's bio-energy field may now be supplemented instead of being depleted. So he may feel less fatigue and tension and will have surplus energy to meet the demands and pressures of daily work/life. As he will have surplus energy, he may be less agitated by problematic situations. So less irritated - less angry - less depressed - over a period this leads to better decisions, harmony, inter-personal relations, performance. So he shall be able to enjoy more satisfaction in life/work leading to harmony and happiness. People in positive energy force field get better sleep, live healthier life, are more satisfied, meditate better, have greater immunity against stress, fatigue, infection, and disease. Thus the blissful life becomes easier than perceived.

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