The Symbolism of Numbers

The Symbolism Of Numbers:
  The symbolic analysis of the single digits and master numbers is the essence of a numerology report or any other numerological character analysis Since so many numbers are present and modify each other, the analysis is, as you might expect, a considerably complex operation When you understand the basic symbolism of the numbers outlined below, though, you'll have a useful grasp which should make it easier for you to interpret the various parts of the report.

  1. Independence, individuality, attainment; leadership, pioneering, administrating
  2. Cooperation, closeness, sensitivity; balance and harmony, supportive
  3. Expressing self, joy of living; enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, sociability
  4. System and order, service, sense of limitation; managing, working hard, practical, down-to-earth
  5. Constructive use of freedom; variety, excitement, progressive, creative
  6. Balance, responsibility, love; supportive, comforting, serving, helping
  7. Analysis, understanding, introspective; search for truth, spiritual understanding
  8. Material satisfaction, accomplishment; desire for success, power, recognition
  9. Selflessness, humanitarianism; giving without thought of return, compassionate
  10. Illumination, nervous tension; spiritual channel and teacher
  11. Master builder, latent power, nervous tension; spiritual understanding of material world, high ideals According to mindsutr calculation, the details can be found

Chinese number definitions: Cantonese frequently assign the following definitions, which may differ in other forms of Chinese:

1. — sure, Top importance

2. — easy, smooth life with less ups & downs

3. — live healthy and happy

4. — considered unlucky since it sounds like the word for suffering (sǐ )

5. — the self, me, myself, nothing, never

6. — easy and smooth, all the way. Prosper, grow, develop

7. — a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese. Normally okay for life but strict 

8. — sudden fortune, prosperity receiver

9. — long in time, a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese, postponing

10. — sure like number one

Some lucky number combinations include:

   6   —  Balanced number in all respects

   15 —   Sounds prosperity. Generally 15 is the V.I.P. sector in almost all major cities of the world

   99 — Promotes growth by inspiring to add one more. doubly long in time, hence eternal; used in the name of a popular Chinese-American supermarket chain, 99 Ranch Market

   168 — road of prosperity or to be prosperous together — many premium-pay telephone numbers in China begin with this number

   518 — I will prosper, other variations include: 5189 (I will prosper for a long time), 516289 (I will get on a long, smooth prosperous road) and 5918 (I will soon prosper)

   814 — In chinese, similar to 168, this means "I will be wealthy my entire life" 148 also implies the same meaning

   888 — Three times the prosperity. It’s total becomes 24 i.e . 2+4= 6 (Chain of 2, 4, 6)

1314 — whole lifetime, existence

How Numerology Works: Calculating the numerological predictions are not as easy as assumed by a common person who has a little knowledge of number’s values. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of numerology-and using only the name and birth date as the basic data-you can determine the major frequencies of different people. A numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies provides significant information on these people's personalities and character.

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