Can Aura be seen

Positive and Negative Aura of the Office

Positive and Negative Aura of the Office

Yes, everyone can easily see Aura with naked eyes if he could see behind a person using the spiritual eye with the help of an ‘Aura’ practitioner. Nature gave us all that we need to see Auras. What is required is the knowledge of how to use your senses together with your conscious effort. If you decide not to try, you will never see the Aura. On the other hand, when you see something for yourself, no longer will you need to rely on believing someone.

Once you will understand this phenomenon, you can use your knowledge to learn more. The first layer is rather more easy to see whereas the second, third, and further layers need a long practice that includes Pranayam, Yoga, and spiritual exercise after internal and external purification of self for months together under the guidance of an expert.

You may ask your Vaastu & Aura consultant to arrange to show you the Aura next time. Believe it, really it will be an amazing and wonderful experience of your life because he shall show you what you never thought or believed!!! Of course, as an anxious person, you deserve to see to it.

Aura of a person, Aura chakra, Aura reader & spiritual aura:

Here we are talking about different types of Auras and meanings of their colours. When we talk about aura of a person that means that we are going to check the invisible energies of a person which is enveloping him around the body. Similarly, aura is defined with the help of aura Chakras which is very closely concerned with the Kundli that is the line of human body energy that moves from Muladhar to Brahmarandhra Chakra. Aura reader is a person who is having the master ship in checking the Invisible energies around the human being and around the non-living being articles. If the purple colour aura, white or light yellow along with the blue is seen in a person around the head then this is called The Spiritual Aura. The Spiritual aura is found around the people who are very much into the worship, yoga and other social welfare activities free from any selfish motive. Aura of a person is very closely related with the Chakra as aura Chakras are defined by the aura reader master and he can very easily classify the positive and negative aura of different person and as defined in this website the stronger aura is mostly made of light purple colour which is very much transparent and speaks about the spiritual strength of the person.

Golden aura meaning, aura imaging, body aura:

In some people one can find the golden Aura; therefore, we are going to define the golden Aura meaning in this paragraph that will help you to understand that decides the seven colours of VIBGYOR there are golden Aura and silver aura also found around the human being but that is the difficult to see with naked eyes by a common person. Dr Anand Bhardwaj is a clairvoyant expert who has very good farsightedness and interest and to analyse various colours of aura in human beings’ animals and non-living beings. He defines the body aura and it’s all colours should be included to each other and there should be the balance of colours in human body. There is very easy method of aura imaging and now a days one can find on internet there are many types of aura sensing and scanning equipment tools and sensors especially or imaging which is GVD sensor in which the lights of human being in the shape of aura can we define very easily and their print out can be taken with the help of your computer printer. Though Golden Aura or silver Aura are very rare and found in the spiritually talented high people who are always engaged in one or the other future activity from morning till evening and they don’t take any negative things like alcohol wine or other negative drinking liquids and they never eat any non-vegetarian food. Not only this they are always engaged in the worship of God and do the service for the mankind and the nature.

Aura meter, glowing aura, power aura, clean aura:

One can listen from the Vastu experts who are dealing in Vastu, Feng Shui, pyramid science and aura reading that they are going to use many types of metres which are called the Aura metre. With the help of that Aura metre one can check the glowing Aura of a person and can define the weak and powerful Aura after sensing scanning and processing on the computer screen or on the laptop one can check what type of aura is there around the particular person and on the basis of that reading the Aura  master defines how to clean Aura. Cleansing of an aura is not very difficult but that needs very long practice and patience because when somebody is going to clean his aura on daily basis then only after few months he is ever to find that the purity of mind body and soul is being felt by him every day. As a result of this practice one can become the different person with very peaceful mind and has spiritual intellect. If a common person wants to clean Aura then he should very much confirm to take bath early in the morning in Brahma muhurta. He should also refrain from gambling and telling lie without any cause. As a Vastu Consultant And aura expert Dr. Anand Bhardwaj says that when I check the aura of great people and spiritual personalities then I can make out the strength and inner power of the person with the help of the processed aura of the person on my laptop screen. Looking at the positive aura is very entertaining and the best experience which is experienced by any person ever in life. Therefore, Aura sensor and other sensors and scanners which are going to process the Aura are going to define glowing aura power aura and on the basis of that telling to clean Aura is the change in the science of aura because once if I have seen the Aura and I am not going to improve my Aura with the simple methods it means there is no use of seeing the aura and analysing it.

Angelic aura, aura health, violet aura meaning, negative aura:

Angelic Aura is the aura that is going to define the Aura and the inner strength of the person who is wearing the angelic Aura. Violet aura means the aura of a person who is very much Into the Spiritual activities and he refrains from all the negative activities which are being done in the society by common person which are going to spoil the humanity and Society in long terms. Aura reading is a science that awakens the human being and stops from going on the negative path on which is going to spoil his body mind and soul and, in that case, his main purpose coming into the world and taking this body of human being is going to you become useless and he’s not going to give anything to the humanity and to the society. When we talk about negative of it means the person who is wearing the negative Aura is having the negative habits and nature which are definitely should be improved by him if he wants to lead a comfortable healthy and wealthy life. When we talk about the health it is the health of human being the society and the nation. When somebody is talking about the positive aura it means the person wearing that Aura is of very high-quality person and leading a very systematic and controlled life filled with positivity. Such person never think negative about any person and he is not at all teasing the animals and he is not cruel at all. He is very kind to human being at the nature and he prays is everybody in a positive manner and this quality makes him the positive person and in long term such people are called the great people of the society and entire society remembers such people whole of the life. In fact, the purpose of coming into the world by those people is achieved with the help of positive thinking and positive living. Therefore angelic Aura supports health and violet aura meaning Spirituality has been defined in this paragraph so that everybody can change his aura from negative to positive and keep on doing efforts to make the Aura as a positive Aura more positive every day. If somebody is using plenty of fruits and vegetables than their chances are that is Aura is going to be purified on daily basis and in case if is going to start consuming more water than the first refinement of aura is possible very easily.

Dark blue aura, indigo aura meaning, aura in English, good aura:

Dark blue Aura is one of the best Aura which are among the positive categories of aura because this is very close to the bro chakra and throat Chakra very closely concerned with the good health; Indigo Aura meaning is defined in terms of the positive aura which is reflex with the positivity of thoughts and purity of mind. Here we have defined Aura in English and Hindi Language also so that every person can learn about aura very easily without any complication. Now let us discuss about good aura and bad Aura. Good aura is the aura which has bigger circles and very transparency in the colours around our head neck heart and upper body parts whereas the negative aura is the or which is very closely concerned with the base chakra and solar plexus that contains the red and yellow colours mainly spreading into the Aura. If somebody is willing to make his Aura strong or he wants to convert the bad Aura into a good Aura than he will have to try to consume maximum liquid but not the cold drinks and artificial chemical drinks. Certainly, he will have to refrain from consuming the alcohols on daily basis and he will have to increase the total intake of water and good liquids like lemonade, whey or lassi. If somebody wants to change his aura from negative to positive at a very fast speed in a very short time span then he will have to take bath with the help of sea salt water every day and in this case he has to first take bath with the sea salt water and after for five minutes he should take the bath with normal water. This not only increases the positivity in the Aura and turns the bad Aura into positive aura but also it is very good for the human being help. It opens the body cells and hair-pits of the skin. It improves the body cells at a fast speed and when somebody is going to change his daily life style and he is different from the negativity in the life then automatically he is going to become a good person of whom everybody in the society is going to praise and his life of coming into the world is going to be proved to be fulfilled. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Advises everybody to wear the positive aura because the negative Aura is not good for the family also because if the person is where is the negative Aura then he is going to create the problem in the family also. This is the best way how one can define himself and become the good citizen.

Aura in Hindi, rainbow aura meaning, fairy aura:

Now let’s discuss something about Aura in Hindi Language also because Hindi is a language which is being spoken by most of the people in India. Rainbow aura meaning is also defined and fairy Aura is of defined in this paragraph. Dear readers, if you are going to know something about the aura in Hindi language this is called the Abha Mandal which is found Behind every pose of God and you must have seen the pose of God and photographs of the deities and one can find that there is a white Aura light blue hello around the head of the God’s photo or picture. Yes this is aura and the first layer of aura can be seen by every person very easily if the teacher or Aura trainer is going to define everything very honestly and the people who are gathered to learn the aura science they are also really very much interested in knowing the Aura and its role in our life. When we talk about Aura in Hindi language it is something which is going to be defined with the help of Abha Mandal as we told you that in Hindi the Aura is called Abha Mandal. Many times, the people ask us or send the message then what is the Hindi of aura and we tell them that is this is the hello or Aura or Abha Mandal which is found Behind every spiritual photograph and Guru. Rainbow Aura meaning the order which has got all the seven colours in the ratio and The Outer is properly balancing with the colours. Such Aura is called the fourth quarter because the quantum of each colour is defined in the aura of very minutely and everything is positive in and around the human body. It means the person whose Aura we are going to check is having the positive background in his life and always we are doing the best for the mankind in the society and he never thinks bad about any person and he has got the positive thoughts which are going to make the person very innovative and creative in his life. These virtues are going to make the person very strongly successful in the life and his life becomes very comfortable and people in the society praise him and try to follow him very religiously.

Light green aura, yellow green aura, Scorpio rising aura, bad aura:

In this paragraph we will discuss something about the light green Aura  which is also of the positive category because that is lying somewhere between the Purple aura and the yellow Aura. In the last paragraph we have told that Yellow Aura is defined as the negative Aura  and purple or is defined as the positive Aura. Here we would like to clarify that light green or is the Aura which is located between the Yellow Aura and purple aura. light pink aura which is also a positive category and is called the good Aura frequently found in a common person. Yellow green or is the mixture of the positive and negative aura and which is found somewhere between 5 to 7 feet around the human body and Scorpio rising Aura  is something different which is to be studied in very deep Aura  science. Here we would like to define that the bad Aura is the Aura which has got the black, dark brown and especially red and yellow Aura. If we are going to scan with the help of computer and software system and we find that the person who is standing in front of me or whose Aura I have taken is of those colours which are not appreciated in aura science it means the person is having the bad habits and negative thinking process. Yes, eating habits are also the determinant which are going to define our aura and aura is the halo that is going to define our impression and our strength over others. If our Aura is very much positive we are going to influence the people who is in front of us very easily but on the other hand if the person standing in front of us is not a good person from his body, mind and Soul in that case the person is not to be selected as the friend in our life and he may harm us sometimes in the life. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj teaches everybody to see the aura with naked eyes and defines what is the value of positive and negative aura in our life and those who become his disciples or pupils they never tend to do any negative activity in the life and society and they change their bad habits into good habits. After few months if their Aura is checked then Aura becomes positive and the people become the productive people for the nation. Everybody should try to refrain from the bad habits like gambling and drinking wine on everyday basis and one should try to become the spiritual person as much as possible and he should try to worship the Gods every day in the morning and should do the chanting of religious mantras every morning and before going to bed in the evening. Certainly, the good habits are the indicator We this are going to improve our body mind and soul and as a result of improvement in our body mind and Soul the Aura is going to be cleaned perfectly and become the good people and enlighten us the reality of life and other purpose of being in the world.