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Vastu for Business

Vastu for Business – Professional Vastu Advice for Business and Corporates By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Contribution of Vastu for Business Growth:

Getting financial growth and achieving the commercial targets is the main aim of business and so far as Vastu for business is concerned the Vastu consultant covers all the aspects of business like Vastu for office, Vastu for showroom and Vastu for shop of every kinds be it a small shop or a big shop. Vastu for business also covers all the aspects of commercial Vastu that is Vastu for showroom and Vastu for small or big offices. Vaastu Shastra also define the tenets related to Vastu for office its boss cabin and the best direction to sit in the office by the company director or chairman. Though, Vaastu for an office and Vastu for commercial shop is concerned we have also to define how to sit in the office and where to face while sitting in the chair.  So far as Vastu Shastra for shop, Vastu for sales office, Vastu for shop facing East is concerned Vastu works on each direction. It may be a west facing, it may be east facing, it maybe South or it may face south or south-west. Vastu for south facing house, Vastu for a south facing shops are concerned they are more critical as compared to the Vastu for north facing shop as well as Vastu for North East facing shop. So far as Southwest is concerned this direction is not considered as auspicious in Vastu but when we talk about Vastu for shop facing West or Vastu for shop facing north west then we talked about getting the positive energies from all the directions. Vastu for shop facing North is considered auspicious by everybody but if the earth energy is weaker in the north facing shop or East facing shop then it is essential to do some remedy of the weaker earth. The best direction for office desk is defined in Vastu so that the company director or chairman or the senior manager of the company should be seated in such a way that he exercises his power, control and command on entire business show.

Vastu for Director’s office: The Director of a corporate house or a business house should be so designed, defined and placed that he is always in powerful position than anyone else in the entire business house. He should be placed in the most dominating & strongest area so that he may convince everyone in the premises. So, Vastu defines the most dominating area in the business house. This is a must for the smooth running of the business.

Vastu for the main gate: Entrance is the part of building or boundary wall Vastu from which everyone enters and exits. If all the staff members shall enter the premises from a Vastu positive gate, then only we can have optimum performance and make their better use. Human recourses are the key factor in the business house or corporate house which may lead the business to extreme heights, but on the other hand, if the HRD is weaker, the results are not fruitful. Therefore it is a must that everyone enters from a positive entrance, defined as per Vastu.

Vastu for entrance door: Similar to the main entrance in the boundary wall, the entrance door Vastu also plays a vital role in defining the comforts and discomforts of the fact as to how to increase business profitability. If the internal doors of each chamber, cubicle, partition etc. shall be in a Vastu-positive area, then only the output shall be increased. So it is a must to take the Vastu guidelines from a good Vastu adviser who shall define the entry-doors of each room or chamber.

Vastu for other internal doors: The total number of doors and windows also play a vital part in deciding Vastu factors emphasizing on the inlets of positive cosmic vibrations and at the same time – blocking of the negative energies. Vastu defines a certain thumb rule to decide the location, direction, size, shape & material for each door. Ignorance of the above confronts the very purpose of Vastu benefit.

Vastu for windows: The total number of windows also play a vital part in deciding Vastu factors emphasizing on the inlets of positive cosmic vibrations and at the same time – blocking of the negative energies. Similarly, Vastu for windows is also an important topic in Vedic Vastu shastra because windows are the part of a building that can receive various types of energies in the form of air, light, sun rays, freshness & view. Hence it should be decided at the time of making drawings for exterior walls and managing natural lights arrangements for each area, room, chamber, hall or cubicle.

The ratio of industrial plot’s length & width: This is a very common term used by the Vastu consultants that the ratio of length and breadth of a plot puts a long term impact on the people. It should be in a balanced ratio as per Vastu advice. Too long premises are not appreciated as per Vastu. Similarly, too broad plots are also considered to be unbalanced.

The ratio of length & width of the building/ constructed area: Similar to the above, the ratio of length & width of the constructed area is also equally important. The ratio of length and breadth of a constructed area to puts a long term impact on the people. It should be in a balanced ratio as guided by the Vastu adviser. Too long constructions are not appreciated as per Vastu. Similarly, too broad constructions are also not good.

Vastu for open courtyards & open space: Ratio of proportions of open spaces in the plot and entire constructed area is the factor that helps in Vastu inward off negative vibrations & enhances positive energies. According to the age-old science of Vaidic Vastu, if a site keeps on receiving the positive vibrations, the growth is naturally looking forward to a steep rise.

Vastu for productivity: If the north-south line of premises receives the positive vibrations, the productivity increases. On the other hand, if there is any negative vibes in north-east to south-west, the productivity decreases. A perfect Vastu advice comprises all the precautions to retain the sanctity of north-east so that there should be no loss to the business.

Vastu for quality: If there are certain obstacles in the way of the flow of subtle positive energies moving from the centre of the east to 11 degrees both sides, the business receives the quality-related complaints and thus it sees the downwards trend in the business. East, the direction of lord SUN is meant for quality, so quality control department is not a positive sign, rather it should be a quality assurance department. Each piece of the product should be a quality product that needs no quality check.

Vastu to stop accidents: Vastu says that each workman working on the machine, should be so aligned with the directions that he not only produces a good quantity of production but also he feels safe, secured and protected from anything wrong that may impact his personal, family or financial life. Therefore “Industrial Safety & Health, Act 1948” has defined certain parameters. One should follow them. Along with the above, Vastu defines the proper facing and layout of each machine in terms of its weight, size, function and productivity. If one follows the Vastu guidelines, the business avoids accidents.

Vastu for stable business: Though ups & down are the uncalculated factors of life, even then every businessman wants the stability factor in his business. It is believed in Vastu science that if a director or CEO is placed in perfectly the most dominant area, his second in command sits in the second most powerful direction and junior & staff are located in their respective third stable area or direction, the stability is achieved of its own.

Vastu to control Labour unrest: If the seniors lose powers & juniors gain sovereignty, the business starts falling down. In such a case the corporate office starts feeling that something wrong has started behind the curtain. Gradually the labour relations keep on deteriorating and in the long run it takes the shape of bitter I.R. (Industrial relations). This situation can be averted with Vastu guidelines. Vastu proposes a fixed, certain and appropriate direction, location, positioning and placement of entire O.S (organizational structure) in terms of hierarchy from top to bottom. This is a big boon and support from Vastu.

Vastu to get new business Orders: It is said that during today’s competitive era, it is difficult to increase the list of clients. It is a fact that a satisfied customer can work wonders for us by propagating our name and fame, but one dissatisfied customer may ruin a large chain of our customers. Unsatisfied clients keep on free advertising about the services provided by us. Therefore Vastu locates a proper direction for the reception, customer lounge, guest room, restroom etc. for the clients and customers. This fills that place with positive vibrations.

Vastu for meeting room: Meeting room is a small or middle-sized chamber, cubicle or cabin, mostly made with see-through material like glass. Here routine small or interdepartmental meetings are held. Normally, if such cabin is located near the reception area, then it is for outsiders, customers, clients and other such general meets. In all the cases if this area is built as per Vastu tenets, it receives the positive environment. Not only the above, the company’s representatives and officers have advised the most dominating chairs and outsider is advised to use the comparatively weaker direction so that the outsider may not suppress our representative.

Vastu for conference room: Like meeting room, the conference room is a slightly bigger hall/ room where board meetings, internal meetings or interdepartmental meetings are held. According to Vastu guidelines, the senior-most officer/ CEO/ Director/ Chairman/ CMD is advised to be placed on the most powerful seat/ chair so that he/ she may influence the other easily.

Vastu for training room: T & D (Training & Development) department has become the need of the hour for each company and corporate houses. With the introduction of ISO 9000 & other series of ISO / QS / 5S etc., training and development activities are promoted in each business house, corporate offices & big business groups. If all the Vastu guidelines are incorporated in setting the interiors of a training hall, the recipients, participants can gain much knowledge and the meeting can be more fruitful. So Vastu may help us getting full benefits of the training activities. In a training hall, the direction, position, face and peripherals of consultant and participants are so fixed that the entire hall remains filled with a lot of positive vibrations.

Vastu for raw material: The raw material is proposed in Vastu Shastra in such a positive direction that it keeps on moving fast on the machines and it does not waste, ruin or deteriorates. A right area of storage helps the industry to operate better. It gives more output & less wastage. Directional guidelines in terms of proper stacking, shelving & storage are given by the Vastu Shastri.

Vastu for machines: Machines are the most important component of an industrial site. Vastu suggestions are always helpful to us in avoiding unwanted breakdown in the machines. At the same time, it is expected from a perfect & experienced Vastu consultant that he shall chalk out the proper position of each machine being used and be used in future. The excellent output of machines is expected for good industrial growth. Various machines being used to produce the target items i.e. products. These can be heavy, medium or light machines. The size and weight are the key factors to be decided while deciding the place or area of those machines in Vastu science.

Vastu for finished goods: It is said that “Faster the lifting and sale of finished goods, higher the industrial growth”. Yes, that’s true. If the customers & buyers shall keep on making pressure on the industry by demanding the products at a faster pace, the industry is bound to grow fast. Hence, in Vastu science of India, the detailed guidelines are laid down to decide a Vastu-positive area for keeping the finished goods. Normally, excise bond room is also decided in the same course of action.

Vastu for septic tank: Demarcation of a proper place for the septic tank (severs and the main hole) are secondary factors in building bi-laws, but primary in Vastu Shastra. Hence it should also be taken care while defining the flow of waste outside the premises or building or boundary wall. If the government provided sewerage line is available, then the sever pipes should not cross the entire east & entire north directions. However, the central area should also be avoided while finalizing the sanitation and plumbing layout plans.

Vastu for bore well, the underground water tank and Vastu for rainwater harvesting: Proper fixation of direction & area on the ground floor for Vastu for Borewell, Vastu for underground water tank, rainwater harvesting system is of very crucial nature. If they are provided in Vastu positive directions, it blesses with abandoned wealth but on the other hand, it has a devastating effect if placed in Vastu negative directions. So, be careful and take proper & professional advice.

Vastu for slope: This includes the determination of slope of all floors and roof levels in all the eight directions. Rainwater harvesting is more dependent upon this crucial factor. This formula is applicable in Vastu because this is the slope that gives a guideline to align the rooftop towards the positive flow of cosmic vibrations or cosmic energies.

Vastu for overhead water tank: Determination of the perfectly positive direction and area of the entire roof where the water storage tank / overhead water reservoir has to be placed is very important. There is too much positive & negative impact of the overhead water storage tank according to the age-old Vedic science of Vasthu Sastra. Overhead tank is always heavy in weight, but not equal for each industry, hence it differs case to case. Moreover, the requirement of the total overhead water storage quantity can not be ignored. Hence a number of calculations are needed to decide OH water tank.

Vastu for bathroom & Vastu for toilets: Location, direction, position & placement of a bathroom, toilet, washroom in terms of its place & interior setting of w.c. (waste closet), washbasin, showers, taps, closets, urinals etc. Not only this, in Vastu guideline we decide the colours & designs of interiors of a bathroom & interior of toilets.

Vastu for stairs and staircase: It is your Vastu consultant who shall decide positive Vaastu stairs in terms of direction, opening (starting) and closing (ending) of stairs. Location of stairs, its shape, turning direction and height of risers. Vastu calculation of a number of risers in a building. Per floor index calculation of a number of risers and number of treads for individual and collective floors are also the part of a Vastu advice.

Vastu for columns & beams: Direction, number, weight/ load factor, shape & location of all the beams & columns is also decided at the time of discussing over the drawing or site map. The beams should not put any gravitation burden upon any of the four Ms defined in the terminology of business management i.e. money, men, material & machines.

Vastu for heights of the building: Height of the building in different directions & shape of the front & side façade/ elevation should be taken care according to Vastu sastra. The positive flow of energies moves from north and east hence the entire building has to be so aligned that all the supportive and beneficial energies should be trapped in the building and negativity be diverted.

Vastu for cash box: The Vastu science works on the principles of energies. So it talks about the flow of various positive and negative vibration in a building area. Any almirah, chest, cabinet or cupboard which shall be used for keeping money either by the owner of the business house an account and finance personnel, employed to handle the cash-credit transactions should be facing the monetary direction or the direction of Lord Kuber. This direction is determined by the Vastu advisor at the site itself.

Vastu for generators: Deciding the position and Vastu direction for generators, inverter, electricity meter etc. plays an important role in deciding controls over future accidents, avoiding litigations, industrial relations, less breakdown in machines and I.R. harmony. Vastu always recommends placing all of them in the fire direction of the premises where the second option is also available in case of any boundation of govt. bi-laws.