Fengshui for Bedroom

Fengshui for Bedroom

Fengshui for Bedroom

Fengshui For Bedroom: We spend many hours in our bedroom, more than we do in any other room therefore our personal focus should begin in the bedroom to create Serenity, auspicious circumstances and opportunities, and imminent growth. The Fengshui for marital relations says that the whole room of husband and wife should always spread positive vibrations. Chinese Vastu science i.e. Fengshui provides detailed guidelines to make the bedroom to be ‘couple-friendly’. In this practice, we need not spend a hefty amount of money, but place certain positive symbols in the room with the advice of an expert Vastu & Fengshui expert. Ideal bed orientation needs care. The direction that your bed faces (as you sit up in bed & look over your feet upon waking), determines the command position. This means you are in control or not! Don’t worry about the absolute direction, like north, north-west or even east north, etc. The command position or power position just means that you are able to see the entrance or bedroom door. With a sense of Command, there lies serene assurance. It is not good to be in direct alignment (feet pointing out the door because the Chinese and other cultures say this is the death position). If you can’t move your bed so that you see the door, the cure is: to arrange a mirror to enable yourself to see the door when you sit up in the bed. Be careful not to sleep under an exposed beam in the ceiling, a direct symbol of repression. There is no serenity with direct oppression. Cure: Move the bed, if you cant move the bed, place two Chinese flutes on the wall on either side of the bed to symbolically lift the oppressive energy lay on your bed and see if you are in direct alignment with a poison arrow which is any sharp corner whose tangent is aimed and shoots ill energy toward your head. In such a case either remove the poisonous arrow, or slide your bed or chair, or at least you can hide it behind the false ceiling.

Fengshui regains energies from a positive bedroom:

The master bedroom is best suited in the sub direction of the extreme south-west corner of the entire plot and entire building. Point your head towards your positive direction only as calculated with the date of birth and ‘Kuan number’. This is calculated by the professional Fengshui consultants only. Please have a look inside your sleeping area if there is a mirror reflecting the couple in it while lying on the bed. If it is so, slide it or cover it lest this affects the body energy thus creating restlessness in the room and reduces the romantic vibrations. On the other hand, hanging a couple of real crystal balls touching each other may help to fill in you the necessary energy required for love-making & shall help you rejuvenating your lost vigor and vitality.

If you could place a grand poster of mountains without water or snow behind you keeping its center just behind your head side of the double bed, it shall provide long-term stability. However, one three inches crystal pyramid or a complete set of purified crystal family shall provide you more support in your sexual life after your forties. The Egyptian greys pyramids or real rose quartz with aventurine chips are specially meant for boosting love & attraction between males and females. Try to fill your bedroom with energetic scenes like romantic poses, posters of flowers, birds, and children, etc.

Bedrooms’ fengshui decoration:

The symbols of couples like a pair of mandarin ducks is a good Fengshui item to place in the south-west corner of your double bed but please note that both of the ducks should coherent to a similar direction because their facing to opposite direction may create unnecessary differences between the husband and wife living there. Avoid red and black color curtains in the bedroom and prefer curtains of light color in north and eastern windows.

One can also have the pair of love birds in the master bedroom that too indicates a long term love and affection in husband and wife. Throw away that ugly looking antique piece that symbolizes the anger & aggressive mood of an unknown face. Use a pink color for romance in a bedroom. A young couple may have pink bed-sheets & a few interior showpieces. In old aged people’s bedroom, cream and off white are most preferable and appreciated colors.

Bedroom’s negative Fengshui:

If one keeps in the bedroom the files & papers being used by him in the activity he has recently started to pass time, or a computer set being used for part-time assignments, they may also divert your attention from the bed & again lead you to the exotic work culture where there is no space for personal activities. Therefore place such things separately, especially away from your sight at night.

Fengshui & cosmic energies:

Our universe is full of multiple cosmic energies. Nature can offer us abandoned comforts if we can deeply penetrate to explore the secrets of these vibrations however ignoring them may result in a lot of discomforts. Fengshui is nothing but living in harmony with serenity and tunes of nature. Remember, each object has its own value, significance & impact on us, so never do an experiment by placing them in any direction of your own choice. To balance excessive coolness, a small dose of FIRE corner is a good Fengshui treatment to activate the heating element, reflects as the outcome of Mars, placed in the south or south-east direction i.e. Agneya corner as defined in Indian Vastu too.

A Fengshui case study for the bedroom:

About six months back, I met one of my clients in a posh location in south Delhi where he was feeling himself an incomplete man and restless due to his personal reasons. There were few anti-Fengshui signs in his staying portion. He was dwelling in the Ishaan direction and had a window in the backside of his bed.

In course of Fengshui correction, the bed of this gentleman was slightly moved aside so that no hollow area remains at the back and no poisonous arrow points towards him that may cause such negative feeling that challenges his manhood. It was also advised to shift over to the bedroom located in the south-west of the premises, presently being used as the guest room.

These few changes worked good and I received a thanks call from him after about one month.

Fengshui & beds:

Fengshui advises to Avoid beds made of wrought iron. Even the presence of wrought iron in a bedroom may reduce positive energies. So use only beds made of wood. Fengshui advises to use the beds of four legs and avoid using ‘box type’ beds lest it may create physical & interpersonal relation related problems. However, the beds made of pipe or folding beds are not bad if used for a short period of time. There should be no round shaped bed for the couple.

Awareness of Feng Shui in Eighties:

Fengshui bedroom is very much vital part of a bedroom be it a home or Villa or flats. Feng Shui bed placement is always recommended by the Feng Shui masters and Feng Shui bed is always located in in the room with any wall. It is not placed in the middle of any bedroom and Feng Shui bedroom colours are dependents upon bed placement in the bedroom. Feng Shui bedroom mirror and any mirror facing bed is not considered as the positive Feng Shui. Room Feng Shui and plants in bedroom Feng Shui are not good at night because in the night the photosynthesis of the plant is always reverse and it may harm the health of the couple who is using the bedroom for sleeping at night.

Value of Kua Number- What is Kua Number?

Room Feng Shui and Feng Shui bed positions are calculated with the help of date of birth of the occupant and Feng Shui bedroom layouts are designed by the Feng Shui consultant according to the date of birth and Kua number. Bed facing door is a negative Feng Shui and Vastu in the routine Feng Shui bed facing one has to see e the Feng Shui mirror for Mirrors as per Feng Shui should not be facing the bedroom door because it is the place from where the yang energy comes inside the bedroom. Feng Shui small bedroom and Feng Shui bed placement for wealth, health and happiness is very much essential so that the residents of house are feeling very comfortable and they are not having any health-related problem. Feng Shui bed placement for wealth defines that there should be no clutters inside the bedroom and bed facing door is not a good condition.

Good Feng Shui & Bad Fengshui:

Good Feng Shui bedroom is always going to define that the bedroom door should always be closed or one should use the curtain on the bedroom door so that nobody outside the bedroom is going to see the couple sleeping in the bedroom. Feng Shui Studio apartment are very comfortable because this is a place where the energy moves very freely and often in Feng Shui the consultant and Feng Shui master recommends lucky bamboo plants or lucky Bamboo shoots plants in the south east direction of the house but lucky bamboo in bedroom are not good. As we define that any greenery in the bedroom is going to admit the negative energy that is carbon dioxide at night which is not good for health of the couple sleeping in the bedroom and it may harm the sound sleep for stop hungers master bedroom if contains any negative item then it is called bad Feng Shui bedroom. Feng Shui mirror facing bed is the condition in which the relation between the husband and wife is going to be spoiled because it may cause the fight or quarrel between the duo.

Why Feng Shui is so much popular?

Certainly, Feng Shui is a science of direction and vibrations which was originated in China and spread all over the world. Feng Shui is one of the sciences is and arts which is being used by people who are dealing in Indian Vastu. The Vastu consultants in India know it very well that in Vastu there is no way but to demolish or replace any constructed area in which demolition is very essential whereas in Feng shui we can use many objects and articles to play with the energy. If the Feng Shui master finds that in any bedroom or in any house there is any negative energy at the hidden or visible then he always uses some plants, Mirrors and other artefacts to boost or control the energies. This is the beauty of this science that Feng Shui is never going to recommend any type of breakage or any demolition in the building even if the building is totally against the Vastu rules or Feng Shui rules.

Role of various artefacts & items in Feng Shui:

Feng Shui days in the lunar calendar and Kua number of the person and on the basis of that it calculates the positive directions for health, wealth, harmony and marriage and it also defines which four directions are not positive for a particular person. Surprisingly Feng Shui is gaining very much popularity everywhere and in many countries. Though Feng Shui believers are very much confident that if the Feng Shui article or Feng Shui object is placed in tune with the vibrations and energies of the person and house than definitely the house owner is going to get the benefit from the Feng Shui. There are many items used in Feng Shui like laughing Buddha, wind chime, luk-fuk-sau, business cat and many other items like Mandarin ducks, love birds and love knot. If somebody in using the things in the house artistically and as per energy science then definitely the Feng Shui is going to create the positive environment in the house which may be benefited for all the members especially for those who are going to start their new business.