Improving your Aura

Positive and Negative Aura

Positive and Negative Aura

Colours balancing, Yoga, meditation, Crystal therapy, Reiki, Pranic healing, water therapy, Ayurvedic cures, Aromatherapy etc. are commonly used therapies to improve subtle body energy i.e. Aura. Early rising, chanting religious Mantras, positive thinking, sea bathing and walk are the other methods to improve the symmetry, circles, and transparency of Aura’s colours. Controlling over spicy food-stuff, junk food etc. and taking maximum fruits, vegetables and a balanced protein diet are generally helpful in improving our Aura. But remember, only the regularity and continuity in the above shall be useful whereas short term follows up shall certainly make our Aura slightly better for a short span.

The Australian scientist Dr. Tom Chalklo rates meditation as the best possible method of improving Auras. In an article on the subject, he writes: “When we have a kaleidoscope of thoughts in our mind, they override and disturb what our mind-body system would do by itself. But when we manage to stop all thoughts, we give our own body and mind the freedom of attaining its natural state of being. In this state, our aura is not only stronger but also better reflects our true nature better.”

There are many aspects of the aura that yet remain unexplored but with increased sensitivity and concerns towards the hitherto unknown facets of human existence, perhaps we’ll soon understand this sparkling presence more deeply around us, and thus, connect to our souls. That shall be a golden day for the entire humanity when every one shall turn to be a through humanitarian, filled with truly positive vibrations. He shall realize the real value of being sober, gentle, helpful, soft-spoken, kind, nature admiring and God-fearing.

Aura Meaning in English & Value of Violet Aura and Light Blue Aura:

Aura meaning in English is defined with the term-word that every person has got some soft energy which is wrapping around the human being’s whole body and this energy can be seen with naked eyes if the clairvoyant person by Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj is going to show this Aura in front of audience during his training program which he does every 3rd month. The Aura may be of many colours but the value of violet Aura and light blue aura is at the supreme because these are the positive colours of Aura found in any human being. if one is going to take the photograph of human being and he is going to process the same with the help of technology then we can find the exact colours and their circles. In fact, as per Dr Anand Bhardwaj the length of the Aura of human being should be normally approximately 10 feet around him. But if the person is not having good health or is having any tension or depression then his Aura is going to decrease up to much extent. At that time, it becomes very essential to increase the size of Aura because if the Aura is going to reduce less than 1 minute it is very risky for life also. Dr Anand Bhardwaj was there in one conference where he was supposed to show the human aura to the audience and he showed it with the help of 7 lights. The audience was astonished. Dr Anand Bhardwaj is having the spiritual power by which he can use his third eye like Lord shiva and he can see whatever anybody cannot see.


What Is Rainbow Aura and Methods for Seeing Auras?

What is rainbow Aura and method of seeing aura is the subject of great interest in modern time when the people are doing research on rocket Sciences that is the science or knowledge which has got no scientific proof but still the group of researchers in which the name of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj comes at the top are trying to explore the possibility that thing which is not visible with naked eyes should be seen and proved by the Vastu scientist especially those are working in aura science also. Rainbow aura is the name of a common Aura when the person is having normal health, wealth, harmony and high mental status. Then all the seven colours are found in his Aura and this stage is called Rainbow Aura.


Aura Online Checking and Finding Black Aura Meaning:

Aura online checking has started now in modern time and because sometimes the ordinary person is not having the system and costly instruments to check aura with the help of software and computer system but he has a desire to check his aura then he has to take his own photograph on very less pixel camera and then he can send the photograph to the expert like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who will examine the Aura and will process with the help of software system but every Aura master or expert used to charge the nominal fee for working on Aura and defining the Aura report. Finding black Aura meaning is very different because it is hardly to find any black or in human being however if the research people are going to do some researches on aura, they may find the black aura in any special state of mind or in few animals. The actual research on this subject needs to be done but the cooperation and help from the government is necessary for doing this costly exercise in the laboratory. Dr Anand Bhardwaj is the Pioneer who always stands first and in front of all to define everything with anybody wants to learn because Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has got the clairvoyant ability and he defines everything very easily.


Positive Aura Like Dark Aura And Bright Aura I.E. Golden Aura:

Positive Aura like dark Aura and bright Aura that is Golden Aura is also defined in Aura science and its literature because one cannot say that your aura has got only typical colours but he can know that there are many colours in the Aura and positive aura and negative aura also moving along with the Aura science. The differently black aura is called the negative aura because it is heavy and may be due to the mental burden being carried by a particular person due to some bad time. Bright aura that is Golden Aura is the aura which is found in the spiritual leaders and Rishi Muni. Such Aura is called the unique Aura and it is very auspicious to see such auras because it is being worn by the great spiritual people. That bright golden colour of Aura is ultimate & very rare.

Meaning of Grey Aura, Magenta Aura, Turquoise Aura, Blue Green Aura:

Meaning of light and dark grey Aura: Aura believers should learn that green Aura and other colours of Aura have been defined in this website in details and anybody who has some interest of learning about Aura can go through very minutely and deeply into the contents of this website that belong to Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the great Aura expert and Vastu consultant who has almost the top name in the world of Aura sensing and scanning. Red Aura is called the negative Aura because that is going to denote the depression time of a person and similarly the Magenta Aura is not a positive Aura if it comes to the head hight rather it should be the base colour of the human being. Turkish Aura and blue green Aura are also getting much importance because they tend to change with time and emotions of human being. As we said that aura is closely associated with the emotions, sentiments and way of thinking of human being. It is also related to the nature and habit of the person because if the human being is having negative Association of the people and likes too much drinking of wine and eating non vegetarian then the Aura is going to be depleted substantially. Therefore Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj says that one should try to lead the positive life filled with positive thoughts and great Lifestyle with worship, purity & spirituality. Truthfulness is one of the gr4eatest virtues of human being that may turn the human aura strongly positive.


Defining Aura Healing, Types Of Auras, Aura Meditation:

Defining Aura healing is not a common term because for the last almost 30 years Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj has been dealing in defining Aura healing and he tells the people how to check the Aura and he defines the types of Auras. When defining Aura healing, he defines that one can see the Aura of human being very easily with the help of small things like few stones and tumbles made of Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and amethyst. Aura meaning in Telugu also the same meaning as defined in English and Hindi. In Telugu also the value and importance of Aura is at the peak because those who are Into the Spiritual activity or dealing in religious activities by themselves with great achievements in the spiritual world they also call Aura a as the halo of human being which is surrounding him. They also define that the Aura is also found in the animals and also in the things which are not living being like stone. If you have any stone in your hand then definitely it is going to put any impact on you. It may be positive Aura, negative aura or mixed aura impacting indirectly your body mind and Soul. If somebody is willing to learn how to see the Aura then he will have to join Dr. Anand Bhardwaj and in Telugu also Aura meaning is the same as defined in English that is the halo. Aura the light around the human being’s whole body. Vastu expert Dr. Anand Bhardwaj says that there are different Aura around each living and non-living things like we can see the Aura around a stone, a piece of wood and around the plants too.


Dark Blue Aura Meaning, Light Blue Aura Meaning, Aura Meaning In Telugu:

Dark blue Aura meaning the positive Aura and it is the Aura of the person who is visually very strong and has positive way of thinking. If the lifestyle of the person is very good and he is not having any negative feeling in his mind and he is willing to do the service for the human being without any selfish motive than his Aura becomes the divine Aura and those who are Into the Spiritual activity like the priest of the temple and those who are spiritual people like great leaned people are having the dark blue Aura. But as Aura science the colour of the Aura should be as light as possible and the dark colours are not defined as the best colours. Light blue Aura meaning Aura which is positively created by the human being with the positive thoughts and he is having the lifestyle and daily life very controlled and the he drinks plenty of water every day and takes bath with sea salt water first and then he uses the plain water for taking normal bath. This is a method by which the human being can increase the Aura and its great coloured circles around him. Aura meaning in Telugu language is also the same as defined earlier in this website on this page which is dedicated to the Aura defining. If somebody has got any doubt about Aura rather than Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who is spiritually very strong person and he has superior knowledge about Vastu Shastra can show the human Aura to everybody and anybody at any time with naked eyes. When he is going to take his class and defining the Aura and showing the aura to everybody in the class then everybody is very much astonished to see the knowledge and Great Value of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj in the world. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the uncrowned celebrity in the world of Aura sensing scanning and Aura defining. He is really ultimate.


Your Aura, My Aura, Aura Meaning:

When you are going to check your Aura then definitely everybody wants to know and ask to Dr. Anand Bhardwaj saying “please check my Aura so that I can know what type of energy is there with my body mind and Soul”. Whether I am positive Aura negative person and Dr. Anand Bhardwaj first defines the Aura meaning to everybody who is going to participate in the conference and a difference. Then he defines the definition of Aura and how the Aura is made of. He defines that Aura I is made of the seven energy colours which is not easily to be seen by a common person unless and until he is going to use his third I like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. He is the great Aura a master and Aura scanner of the world with top quality of sensing Aura with naked eyes and he can check the seven colours of a human being very easily in less than 3 minutes. If you are willing to get your aura checked then you can contact Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj and he will define that my Aura and your aura are going to interact with each other when we two people meet at a place. Aura meaning is defined in this website very clearly and everybody who has any Desire to learn Aura science then he will have to learn about Aura rather than he can go through this website in details very minutely and he can understand and learn what exactly is Aura and the value of Aura can be well understood by him. It is also defined that how to improve the Aura and what is the negative impact of negative Aura which is filled with red colours. Those people who are spiritually of high standard and intellectuals, they mostly have the Purple Aura like Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj has. Aura reading is not difficult to learn but it needs the true dedication, time, true master & devotion.