The Symbolism Of Numbers

The Symbolism Of Numbers

The Symbolism Of Numbers

The Symbolism Of Numbers: The symbolic analysis of the single digits and master numbers is the essence of a numerology report or any other numerological character analysis Since so many numbers are present and modify each other, the analysis is, as you might expect, a considerably complex operation When you understand the basic symbolism of the numbers outlined below, though, you’ll have a useful grasp which should make it easier for you to interpret the various parts of the report.

  1. Independence, individuality, attainment; leadership, pioneering, administrating
  2. Cooperation, closeness, sensitivity; balance and harmony, supportive
  3. Expressing self, the joy of living; enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, sociability
  4. System and order, service, sense of limitation; managing, working hard, practical, down-to-earth
  5. Constructive use of freedom; variety, excitement, progressive, creative
  6. Balance, responsibility, love; supportive, comforting, serving, helping
  7. Analysis, understanding, introspective; search for truth, spiritual understanding
  8. Material satisfaction, accomplishment; desire for success, power, recognition
  9. Selflessness, humanitarianism; giving without a thought of return, compassionate
  10. Illumination, nervous tension; spiritual channel and teacher
  11. Master builder, latent power, nervous tension; spiritual understanding of the material world, high ideals According to mindset calculation, the details can be found

Chinese number definitions: Cantonese frequently assign the following definitions, which may differ in other forms of Chinese:

  1. 一 — sure, Top importance
  2. 二 — easy, smooth life with fewer ups & downs
  3. 三 — live healthy and happy
  4. 四 — considered unlucky since it sounds like the word for suffering (sǐ )
  5. 五 — the self, me, myself, nothing, never
  6. 六 — easy and smooth, all the way. Prosper, grow, develop
  7. 七 — a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese. Normally okay for life but strict
  8. 八 — sudden fortune, prosperity receiver
  9. 九 — long in time, a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese, postponing
  10. 十 — sure like number one

Some lucky number combinations include:

  • 6 — The balanced number in all respects
  • 15 — Sounds prosperity. Generally, 15 is the V.I.P. sector in almost all major cities of the world
  • 99 — Promotes growth by inspiring to add one more. doubly long in time, hence eternal; used in the name of a popular Chinese-American supermarket chain, 99 Ranch Market
  • 168 — the road of prosperity or to be prosperous together — many premium-pay telephone numbers in China begin with this number
  • 518 — I will prosper, other variations include: 5189 (I will prosper for a long time), 516289 (I will get on a long, smooth prosperous road), and 5918 (I will soon prosper)
  • 814 — In Chinese, similar to 168, this means “I will be wealthy my entire life” 148 also implies the same meaning
  • 888 — Three times the prosperity. Its total becomes 24 i.e. 2+4= 6 (Chain of 2, 4, 6)
  • 1314 — whole lifetime, existence

How Numerology Works: Calculating numerological predictions is not as easy as assumed by a common person who has little knowledge of number values. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of numerology-and using only the name and birth date as the basic data-you can determine the major frequencies of different people. A numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies provides significant information on these people’s personalities and character.

Numerology Name Calculator & Numerology Report:

Numerology name calculator is very helpful in calculating all types of numbers of a person’s dates like master number, life path number and destiny number that contains all the present, past and future details and those data can be used for any purpose related to initiate business name or name of products. Neurology is the science in which the numerology expert defines all the positive and negative numbers of a person and also defines the directions which are helpful to live and work. If somebody has got any basic knowledge about numerology then we can calculate himself about his present, past and future. there for numerology name calculator is very much helpful and this available on many websites and online portals for staff there are many applications for numerology also and one can have the basic knowledge about his woman numerological productions easily.


Numerology Life Path and Numerology Horoscope:

Numerology life path and numerology horoscope are interconnected because numerology life path has all the digits of a person’s date of birth including month, date and year. On the basis of life path we can reach up to 1 digit which is very important in the life of a person. The digit may be positive that or it may be negative but in case if the life path digit is a single digit and if it is going to put any negative impact on the life of the person who is having that life path number in that case we are supposed to make some change in the name . This the main purpose of numerology and it can do a lot of changes and alter the things in the life. On the basis of Master number, life path number and destiny number we can prepare the numerology horoscope. This is almost the same as we prepare in the astrology horoscope and if number is defined for its particular set of numbers to participate in the life and numerology corporate actions can be done on the basis of numerology horoscope very easily. This is the main purpose of calculating the numerology life path and no doubt numerology horoscope in today’s time it is going to become very much popular because all the celebrities are very much believing on numerological predictions and they act upon that very religiously.


Free Numerology Reading and Business Name Numerology:

One can find free numerology reading and business name numerology experts who define everything on the basis of the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth but that is more astrology and less numerology. One should realise that nothing is free in the world and everybody has to pay the charges for getting any professional consultation because sometimes free advice or free support services is offered for the sake of attracting the customers or clients and that is not going to solve the purpose. Any professional is not going to give you any single minute without taking the charges. So if you are really numerology believer and you want to know something about your life’s present,  past and future then certainly you have to contact some numerology expert who can predict everything and can guide you what has to be done in your life and what changes are to be done for the sake of bright future. So it is advised that do not go for any free numerology reading or business name numerology says dr. Anand bhardwaj who is a well-known worldwide numerology expert.


Life Path Number Compatibility and Lucky Name Numerology Calculator:

Life path number compatibility and lucky name numerology calculator are going to work if two people are going to check their compatibility whether they shall be able to go together or their may be any dispute or any differences in the life. Life path number compatibility and lucky number numerology calculator is going to help you a lot and one can have some basic idea about the numerological prediction of himself as well as of his partner. So far as the personal calculation of numerology is concerned one can have some basic idea about his own fortune but he is not getting the hundred percent advise for himself with the help of numerology calculator. In fact, life path number compatibility and lucky number numerology calculator experts are in the world who have taken the professional qualification and have got the experience in this novel field of numerology and its calculation and they predict everything on the basis of the common numerological system and also they take the help of their experience of their life and they refer many cases when they are going to tell you something about your future. Therefore, Dr Anand Bhardwaj every time says that if you believe in numerology and really you want to work upon that and go as per the numerological calculations then you should definitely contact some professional consultant who is dealing in numerology professionally.


Destiny Number Calculator & Numerology for Life Path Number:

Destiny number calculator and Numerology for life path number are also very much interrelated and connected to each other because destiny is the number which is related to the name of a person because if somebody has a particular name and people call him by the name of that particular word then that word is going to put its positive or negative impact in his entire life and sometimes what happens that the person has a nickname and the family members, relatives and neighbourhood people know him by that name. In that case that nic-name is going to become more powerful than the full name which is written in his certificates and school papers. Destiny name is the name which is often used by the common person. Destiny name calculation is based on the alphabets. That is why there is no numerological system in Hindi language because the entire system of numerology is based on the alphabets of English language and there is no system made in Hindi alphabets that is Hindi Vyakaran and Varn-akshar. Even then if one has on faith and he believed that his name spelling is going to change his fate of future then definitely he or she should go for that and take the advice of a professional numerological advisor.