Mode of Payment

For students from India: One can pay through account payees cheque/ Demand Draft/ Pay-order/ Cash/ Bank deposit system in which one can deposit the required fee in his city in Axis Bank nearest branch in the S/B Account of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, AXIS Bank Saving Bank Account Number: 039010100050254 payable at “FARIDABAD (Haryana). In the bank deposit method, within 1 hour from the time of depositing the required fees in our account, we shall get the message from the bank that the particular person has deposited the course fees, and you become the registered student of IIVC, India.

For students from other countries of the world: Just mail us the form duly filled in and put your query. Normally in case of sending the currency in Indian rupees is done through depositing the fees in a Western Union account, which can easily be deposited by the overseas students in their country, and email us the unique MTCN number. By quoting that secret MTCN number, we can receive the amount in Indian currency. One can send the fees through ‘Personal Cheque”, Bankers’ Cheque or IMO (International Money Order) also. There are several other ways also to deposit the fees and one can adopt any easy/ feasible method.

Refund of Fees: The fee once paid by the student is non-refundable and nontransferable.

The Permanent Registration Number (PRN) is a unique number of each student that refers to the enrolment/ membership/ Admission number of the student and the data is maintained on the basis of Registration cum Admission number. So this particular number has to be remembered by the students and in each correspondence, he should refer/ quote this number.


  1. If the student is willing to get admission to the next ‘LEVEL’, he/she is required to deposit the fees & send a mail to us. No need to fill-up the form again.
  2. The PRN (Permanent Registration Number) shall continue as the same.
  3. No need to re-submit any document.
  4. Procedure for all the courses is the same as mentioned above.
  5. In ‘LEVEL-3’ if feasible, we prefer you to practical experience one on-site Vastu survey with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, so that after completing the ‘Professional Course” students can also work as a Professional Vastu Consultant independently with full confidence in their professional life too.

Flexibility: Up-to 3 times of the stipulated time period. For example, if the student is busy in some other most urgent persona work, on tour, unwell, preparing for other exam or busy in an emergency, etc. he can send the response to the question paper after that. Hence, all the programs are FLEXIBLE within the time limit. But each student is expected to complete the course/ Level within a triple period of its time period. It implies that a 1-month course can be completed in a maximum of 3 months, 2 months course in 6 months & 3 months course in 9 months. Failing to adhere to it, the same course shall be discontinued & can be re-started by paying a 50% course fee only.


  1. After successful completion of each course, the students would be awarded the ‘Certificate’ issued by the ‘International Institute of Vaidic Culture’, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA), under the signatures and seal of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, DIRECTOR-IIVC, New Delhi.
  2. Normally within 2 days from the date of ‘Viva’, the ‘Certificate of Completion of the course is sent thru Dak/ post/ Courier.
  3. The theme, size, design, and color of the certificate of each Level is designed differently to differentiate the ‘Level’
  4. The Certificate can be sent through courier or the candidate may himself receive the same in person in the convocation ceremony, which is informed in time. Convocation depends upon the total number of pass-out and interested students.

Affiliation: International Institute of Vaidic Culture, 12, DDA Market, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA) is an autonomous, self-financed, private, and registered organization under the Registration Act, 1908, Govt. Of NCT Delhi, India, for the purposes of study & research and development activities, hence it is an autonomous body, not working under any University. All the courses and certificates are designed by IIVC itself and it is not liable to operate under the control and guidance of any national or international body/ university or institute.

Awarding the Certificates: The convocation ceremony is held from time to time and the date of such event is intimated to all pass-out students minimum 1 month in advance, but if the student desires to get the certificate at his address, it can be sent through post/ courier without any extra charges, however, if one desires to receive the certificate in person or in convocation ceremony, he/she has to arrange the journey, stay, boarding, lodging, transport, etc. on his personal costs and responsibility.

Honor to Meticulous Students: In addition to the normal “Certificate of Completion”, the “Certificate of Merit” is extended to the outstanding students who got an A+ grade.

Students securing 1st., 2nd. & 3rd. positions in one academic year are honored with special medals.

Let Us Summarise:

As we have defined the mode of payment for Vastu Shastra course or Vastu course which is also recognised as the diploma course in Vastu Shastra because after doing this course one can get the certificate at his home physically through courier or Indian post. Diploma in Vastu Shastra is not very costly because if you compare it with the other professionals that demands not less than 10 lakh rupees but in this system one can become Vastu consultant after spending merely less amount of rupees in 6 months and we charge the fees through which you can learn Vastu Shastra PDF format files and through noble staff which is always busy in dealing with the students and their affairs. Pyramid Vastu course fees is separate from normal Vastu course and most of the Vastu courses are very reasonably priced. So if you want to learn Vastu or want to learn Vastu Shastra through our Institute that is IIVC then we can give you admission for online Vaastu courses and you have to make the payment through any mode which are already defined in this page. Vastu Shastra course can be done easily because one can pay the fees in instalments if he or she is not able to pay the full fees in one go.  Certificate course in Vastu Shastra online and Centre activity is easy-just make the payment through the easiest mode in your area or you can pay online also and wishes to start the course same day. Vastu Shastra course online has very much importance in modern time because sitting at your home or at your place you can learn Vastu Shastra very easily and Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is always there to guide you if you have any difficulty in understanding any paragraph, any line and the concept or giving any reply to the question papers. This is not a small facility being avoided by the students because Dr. Anand Bhardwaj loves his students and is always ready to reply but at a comfortable time should be taken & fixed with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj prior to talking to him.

Any alteration, extension, discontinuation, pause, etc. of any type in any course or its time period or else…. are on the total discretion of the Director of IIVC and bounding to all aspirants/ students.