Pyramid- A Positive Structure

Pyramid- A Positive Structure

Pyramid- A Positive Structure

Presence of a single piece of a small Egyptian Grey Pyramid adds Positivity to the whole of the building structure. Large Egyptian Grey Pyramids can do miracles by a blessing with multi comforts. In VAASTU Shastra, pyramids of different shapes, sizes, and materials are used to divert the inauspicious energies from the negative area.

Basically, it is one of the strongest tools used in Vaastu especially in cases where it seems to be too much expensive to remove a toilet from North-east or ISHAAN corner or in premises which is rented and as a tenant you can hardly think of making even a minute change to have Vaastu comforts.

I have experienced a number of cases where few changes were essential to ward-off the negative vibrations but sliding even a single brick was not desired by the landlord. In such situations, Egyptian Grey Pyramids had been very useful.

Enhance the positive vibes with positivity enhancers: Fed-up of stagnation? There may be a few negativities roaming about in or around one’s premises. In addition to the guideline given for proper positioning & placements in residential premises, please see if one’s toilets are located at the main entrance or near the gate or the main door from where not only one enters his abode or business premises but also the YANG CHI (positive energies) that has the powers to give one enough and multiple comforts, tries to search ways to dwell in. If one finds that the toilets are there to welcome the incoming inmates and other nearer and dearer, friends, relatives, and business clients, try to remove its negativity otherwise it may put adverse impacts on one’s finances & health, says VAASTU! The toilets adjoining to the kitchen also cause inauspiciousness.

Using pyramids to ward-off the negativity: I have witnessed a number of cases where not only a single person but also other inmates had to continuously suffer from multiple discomforts due to only a single major negative factor as per Vastu. There are pyramidal remedies to overcome such Vaastu defects up to a substantial extent. One can fix up a set of nine, eighty-one, or ninety-one pyramids to counter such yin energy (inauspicious energy ). These can be as smaller as less than one-inch pyramids in the combination as required to control the same, but remember, first trace-out the major and minor Vaastu defects as per guideline mentioned in this website in tracing Vastu Dosha page and use the pyramids accordingly on the inauspicious direction, door or at the passage very discretionarily. Pyramids are real miracles on earth. Though these are practically created by man thousands of years ago still they are very effective and miraculous due to their characteristics in respect of cosmic energy. With the help and use of which a lot of good energizing activities can be done for the betterment, upliftment, and prosperity of entire mankind. Our ancient saints, rishi, muni, mahatmas, and astrologers were fully aware of the miraculous power of pyramid and were successfully using these in the forms of various yantras like the most powerful Shree yantra which from the scientific angle was nothing but a kind of pyramid. Pyramid power is now being used in various important sectors which are very effective for human life, some of such sectors are Vaastu, astrology, color therapy, spiritual meditation, and medical healing. Thousands of techniques are being innovated and implied by Pyra energy scientists and experts which are proving their miraculous worth towards the betterment of human life on earth.

Source of Pyra-Energy Fields: The term ‘Pyramid’ has been described in ancient Greek with ‘Pyro’ meaning fire energy and ‘Amid’ meaning, middle or center. Pyramids, take a form of structure with slanting sides meeting at the top. Pyramids that create energy can very well help in the correction or alteration of Vastu without any demolition. These structures emit positive energy and neutralize the negative energy fields that are caused amongst any of the premises due to the incorrect Vastu-structure. Pyramid reproductions that are related to the measurements of the huge Egyptian pyramids are great sources of contribution in generating energy for the healing process. Vastu Shastra is actually a Vedic architecture that combines the subtle energy and cosmic science and astrology by connecting them with human lives. On the other hand, ‘Vastu’ integrates the magnetic fields of the earth, that are the determination of planets, and other celestial bodies with cosmic rays play a very crucial, important, and significant role in the happiness of family life and success of the business. Most ancient civilizations were aware of the properties of pyramids. Though not as accurate as in Egypt, pyramidal structures have been discovered in the outers of Mexico, South America, Himalayan valleys, China, Siberia, Central America, Cambodia, Africa, France, England, and the United States. In India, pyramidal shapes were combined with domes in temple architecture. The main idol was placed under a pyramidal rooftop to generate positive energy in the devotees while praying. Unfortunately, with modern architecture shifting to the flattened roof concept, this unique science of harnessing unseen cosmic energies became obsolete, and with it the knowledge of pyramids. In the hills area, the sloppy roofs are made, but not for the sake of getting positive Vastu vibes, but for a practical reason of making it slippery to snowfall and rains.

The right placing of Pyramids pays: However, these Vastu pyramids are considered the best when installed in the middle of a room or house or any other energetic key point. As they are powerful, they can correct the Vastu defects without demolition to a higher degree without even conducting any analysis. Such pyramids can be of any material shape or size as the selection would completely depend upon the need and pocket capacity of the user since they may cost from rupees five to any extent. Living in the home or office having done Vastu corrections complying with nature’s law dearly ensures the general well-being, happiness, and prosperity of the occupant. Modern sciences fail to describe the effects of Vastu in today’s world of growing urbanization, the dearth of space, hectic life, and more vitally the erect sense of falseness. It is in fact very important to have an explanation of the effects before constructing a home or office. If one takes precautions at the starting of the building, it is the best way.

Pyramid Vastu concerns Vastu pyramid for toilet:

In this web page we are discussing the various aspects of pyramid Vastu and we also told that Vastu pyramid for toilets which are made of stone are being used to cure the Vastu defects generated due to toilet which is made in the direction of north, east or north-east. As per Vastu which directions are not considered to construct any toilet but Vastu pyramid for toilet are good to use to remove the negative vibrations being generated by the toilets which are made in these or directions or in south-west of the premises. Sometime these toilets are also constructed near the Brahm-sthan which is the centre of the house and in that case also these toilets of Ishaan and Nairutya corner are going to harm the house owner with respect to his health.

Vastu pyramid for south west toilet:

Vastu pyramid for south west toilet are specifically designed with making their base angle such that all it loses its negativity with the presence of pyramid. Vastu pyramid for south west toilet is also very small in size and mostly less than 3 inches in base and 2 inches in height. Crysto-Pyras are very good to use to cure the Vastu defect because of southwest toilets or for south-west washroom.

Types of pyramids in Vastu, feng shui pyramid:

Types of pyramids in Vastu are to find that they are made with stone, plastic, metal, fibre, board, wood and clay. I would like to express that all types of pyramids are comfortable and they need the positive energy given the base of pyramid is 51 degree so that the apex is 78 degrees and it has four corners and four sides. One has to take care at the time of using pyramids that one side of the pyramid should face any one direction on surface, not in corner. It is also good to tell few things about making of pyramids that anybody can make the Vastu pyramids in his house with the help of material if he wants himself and he has to take care of the angles as we did find that base angle should be 51 degree and effect should be 78 degree. Feng Shui pyramids are of multiple colours like red, green, grey and blue. These pyramids are also used in feng shui which is the science of Vastu in Chinese culture.

Swastik pyramid, Vastu shastra pyramid, pyramid for Vastu dosh:

Swastik pyramid is the pyramid which is made on a red plate with the help of small pyramids on the plate and the shape of the plate is just like a Swastik. Vastu shastra pyramids are becoming very common and very popular and this pyramids for Vastu dosh are used by most of the Vastu consultant because it is believed that the pyramid is a tool that enhances the positive energy and reduce the negative energy in the house.

Pyramid price list, brass pyramid and a brass helix:

Pyramid price list contains the index of pyramid their size than material and their usage. It is obvious that is somebody is going to purchase the Vastu pyramids we are made of costly material like craft gold, copper or silver then they shall be costly and the pyramid made of wood plastic fibre and cardboard shall be reasonable in price. In most of the cases people are referring to use Crystopyras which is is very much popular and it is being used by the Vaastu consultants for the last more than 30 to 40 years

Copper swastik pyramid as copper pyramid Vastu (copper Vastu pyramid):

Copper swastik pyramid and copper pyramid Vastu are the form of pyramid which are made of pure copper in such a case the copper is 99.9% pure and it is supposed to be the pure metal. If somebody is using copper Vastu pyramid then he should take care that the layer of the thickness of the copper sheet should be not less than two millimetre because if the copper or brass with in structure is used inside the earth then it is going to be inlay and after some time they may finish or stop working because the earth may be either alkaline of acidic to rot and decompose the material very fast.

Vastu copper pyramid, pyramid Vastu shastra in Hindi:

Vastu copper pyramid and pyramid Vastu shastra are defined in Vastu shastra in Hindi whereas anybody can find the YouTube videos of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj on pyramid Vastu shastra in Hindi and he has defined the use of pyramids for toilet. The Vastu copper Pyramids are mostly hollow & may be adjusted in the floor easily. But the problem lies in placing these pyramids because sometimes they may be some electrostatic charge in the earth or leakage of current in earth. Then it is not good to use such copper or brass pyramids beneath the floor marble.

Vastu pyramid for kitchen, Water Tanks & Bedroom:

Here is description of Pyramids for Pooja place and pyramid for kitchen. One can take the benefit of pyramid power by using them inside the bedroom in the roof or ceiling and also in the overhead water tank. If somebody has made the underground water tank in other directions except north-east or north or east then many times, he thinks that I should demolish the underground water tank from other direction and shift it to the north or east directions. In that case also no need to shift the underground water storage tank from other direction to north east but using the Crysto-Pyra in the underground water tank may solve the purpose. One should take care that demolition or destruction is neither in favour of human beings nor in favour of nation. Research minded Vastu consultants are very much deeply engaged in exploring various use of pyramids so that there is zero demolition system in Vastu corrections