On-Site Fengshui Visit

On-site Feng Shui advice is also very useful because during the site visit the working, function & applications of Fengshui Master Dr. Anand Bhardwaj can personally be checked as he exercises the analysis from each nook and corner of your residential, commercial, industrial, and corporate sites in which he also checks the positive and negative vibrations which are not only visible but also invisible. Where’s the Feng shui Consultant is able to trace all the visible and concealed energies is able to analyze in detail the impact of each energy on the site and all the inmates living inside the premises or working in the office. Friends, in fact, FengShui is a very deep science and art of positioning and placement that states that if everything is going to emit the positive vibrations and energies inside the house, factory, industry, office, farmhouse, flats, and apartments than the resultant vibrations are always good for the professional growth, financial stability and good name and fame. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a seasoned Feng Shui consultant who goes deep into the calculations of Feng Shui in which he calculates the date of birth Kua-number in which Feng Shui of Bagua/ PaKua, flying star Feng Shui, Eight Mansion Fengshui are calculated in very much details. Those who have interest and faith in Feng Shui Consultancy Services from a Fengshui master then we may realize how fast Feng Shui works. Fengshui is really an excellent Art and Science that helps in creating a positive atmosphere and environment inside the abode. Therefore, if someone is interested in getting the accurate and perfect Fengshui consultancy services from the best Feng Shui consultant then one may contact us on our Phone Nos. that is +91-9999256700 or +91-9811656700 or may contact us on our email also which is iivc999@gmail.com. We shall be happy to reply to you.

Feng Shui consultant & Feng Shui master: –

Certainly, if somebody is going to find one of the best Feng Shui consultants of the world then we will have to explore the possibility of looking at the person who is really the professionally qualified and trained Feng Shui consultant. Every Feng Shui consultant cannot be defined as a Feng Shui master because Feng Shui master is the person who has command and control over all the combination and permutation of five elements defined in Feng Shui which is Chinese Vastu. Feng Shui expert has to follow certain nouns and he has to act and react keeping in mind the positive and negative effect of the objects and articles placed inside the area where the person or his family is living because this type of arrangement is going to put the really serious impact on all the inmates in the house.

Feng Shui expert & finding Feng Shui consultant near me for the best consultant Feng Shui :-

Friendship consultant near me can be found on the internet by searching but every Feng Shui consultant is not the proper Feng Shui consultant because then it is not so easy art of positioning and placement and in such a case careful application is very necessary. The concept and Feng Shui is based on the Feng Shui advice given by the Feng Shui consultant who is fast going to check the date of birth of all the family members and on the basis of that he is going to calculate the Kua number of every family member because on the basis of Kuan number he is able to find the good directions and bad directions of each family member in which the good health direction, marriage direction, Financial direction and success directions are to be found on the basis of calculation made in Feng Shui. At the same time the negative numbers like 5 Ghost, uneasiness and unsuccessful and family disputes can also be calculated with the help of Kua number calculated with the help of date of birth of each family member.

Feng Shui advice as per Feng Shui expert near me & role of Feng Shui master near me:

If you are going to find Feng Shui expert near me certainly you will find But always try to look at the seasoned measured and professionally trained Feng Shui consultant who can advise you on the flying star Feng Shui and Bagua Feng Shui keeping in mind other types of schools of Feng Shui prevailing in nine to twelve forms all over the world. The moment somebody is going to find the Feng Shui master near me immediately he reaches to Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who is the internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Consultant and such Feng Shui consultant online is going to advice to the people who are not able to call him due to any reason or due to other limitations. Finding Feng Shui practitioner near me is not the right way to explore because when she specialist is the person who is working on multiple calculations based on the five elements and kua number as defined in the Feng Shui and as I told you that there are 12 types of Feng Shui available in the world but the most popular of Feng Shui is 8 Mansion and Bagua Feng Shui which is based on the eight directions and their elements respectively placed in order.

Feng Shui consultant online as well as Feng Shui practitioner near me :

If you find the recommended Feng Shui Master for house then we are the best Feng Shui consultant of your choice because certainly we are there to devote two three or four hours but we do everything query honestly with the core of heart and that is why if somebody is going to take the Feng Shui advice from Dr. Anand Bhardwaj the internationally acclaimed Feng Shui consultant then definitely he is going to be benefited with the advice of Dr. Bhardwaj. Never think that Feng Shui is going to do any miracle in your life but certainly it is going to create the positive environment in the house which is known as the positive Ambience and the positive Ambience is created inside the home then the family members are going to enjoy the full glory of the life and always there feeling happy and positive.

Feng Shui specialist does the changes with recommended Feng Shui master for house:

if in a family the members are going to find that environment is very much ambient and positive then automatically the overall rhythm of the inside energy shall become positive and as a result of the same everybody shall get up early in the morning; will work with zeal and interest and shall be enthusiast about the life and life concept. The sum total of all these things will be reflected in terms of the family peace, profitability, good health growth and family harmony.


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