Online Pyramidology Advice

Online Pyramidology advice needs accurate information about the size and other parameters of the home industry, factory, business site. This also needs the correct marking of all the directions. If one wants the accurate online Pyramid Vastu advice and he wants to use Pyramids in correction without demolition then it shall be better if you send a small video with commentary to us narrating each and every minute information to us on the mobile’s short video. We also need a 2D drawing of your house or your commercial premises so that we can calculate everything accurately and once we find all the Vastu defects or Vastu negativities inside your premises then we shall recommend few Pyramids at your site. In Pyramids there are Crysto-Pyra, Egyptian grey Pyramids, Amyloids, Trio-Pyra and other types of Pyramids are available. Friends it is not so easy to place the Pyramids here and there without knowing the positive and negative effects of the Pyramid as well as the positive and negative energies located at the site itself. Rather the use of Pyramids for the sake of removal of Vastu defects or Vastu negativities from your side needs accurate information and proper experience working on Pyramids. But it is not difficult if you want our services for online Pyramid or energy advice and want to use the Pyramids to ward off the negativity which may be due to wrong Vastu positioning or placement. The seasoned Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is there to guide you online on how to use Pyramids for Pyra Vastu purposes. The size, shape, material, and height of the Pyramid to be used in different areas of the house are more crucial. We cannot just use the Pyramids like that. Where the small Pyramids are to be used, where the high Pyramids are to be used, where there is no use of any Pyramid etc. are the topics which are discussed by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj with the clients. It is not necessary to buy any Pyramid from us rather Dr. Anand Bhardwaj gives free hands to the client’s rather suggests and stresses the fact that one should purchase the Pyramid from the open market. Now it is the time of the Internet and a lot of B2B portals are available on which one can find every Vastu for Pyramid related object very easily. But Dr. Anand Bhardwaj every time gives much stress on this sentence that if you are doing anything it should be worth it because if the Pyramid or wherever stone is not accurate or it is not made properly then it is not going to work and your entire money spent on buying the Pyramids may go waste. Therefore always choose the best Pyramid Vastu consultant who can guide you properly. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj may be contacted with confidence on the form given on this website or he may be contacted on his Phone Nos. One mail send the details and requirement on our email id also which is

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