Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh (UP) state of India. It is one of the larger towns known for industries and fast development. It is but natural that those who are from north India and have some belief in Vastu Shastra tend to you think about Vastu Shastra for their all premises. When somebody in Ghaziabad is going to construct his house, he is willing to take the advice of the best Vastu consultant in Ghaziabad and Therefore, he tries to search or locate on the internet and types of words Vastu consultants near me. The moment he is going to find the Vastu expert he tries to check whether the Vastu consultant he is talking to is really one of the best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad and he is going to provide the best Vastu consultancy services to him at an affordable price. But as everybody knows that so far as the advertisements are concerned no one is going to find the real and true Vastu consultant because every Vastu expert is going to claim that he is one of the highest qualified for largest experienced Vastu consultant. Friends, Vastu is not a subject that should be taken so lightly because when we talked about scientific or logical Vastu principles we are supposed to define the logic behind it with the reasons. Many times, we have seen that if there is any south-facing home or south-facing house in any city and the house owner is going to call a Vastu consultant for doing Vastu audit he is most of the time in a dilemma. Many times, the Vastu consultant is not an expert in finding directions. Nowadays everywhere we find the high intensity of electromagnetic radiations due to industrial growth electrification, communication towers, and many other factors. As everybody knows that the first responsibility of a Vastu consultant is to check the directions and due to the deviation because of the electromagnetic field in large cities like Ghaziabad the Vastu consultant faces the problem in checking the right directions which are 100% accurate.

When any house is to be built up the first step is to make the layout plan and Vastu for layout plan for or Vastu far drawings is the first course in doing Vastu consultancy. As Ghaziabad is also a city that has a lot of electromagnetic fields, then finding the directions in Ghaziabad by an ordinary novice Vastu consultant becomes slightly difficult. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the seasoned, large experienced, and highest qualified Vastu consultants and he has very good command and control on the subject of Vastu Shastra. He is in this noble profession for the last more than 43 years and therefore, he stands at almost the top of all the Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad. Though Ghaziabad is a big city most of the people who are residing in Ghaziabad or near the area of Ghaziabad used to call the Vastu consultant from New Delhi. We have our office in New Delhi and we provide Vastu consultancy services in the entire Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) including Ghaziabad. As Ghaziabad is the city which is located on the eastern bank of river Yamuna, Vastu consultancy services for such a situation becomes slightly tricky.

With the new developments in Ghaziabad a lot of high-rise buildings are coming up and many thousands of apartments and flats are being constructed by different builders in Ghaziabad. So far as Vastu for the commercial site is concerned we provide Vastu consultancy services for industrial premises, residential houses, Vastu for flats, Vastu for apartments, Vastu for corporate offices, and all types of premises. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has very good expertise on Vastu corrections without demolition. In Vastu remedy for northeast toilet, he has advised a lot of people not to demolish the toilet but do the remedy as per his advice. All the advice being given to the clients by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj are perfect and everybody is getting benefit from the advice given by Dr.  Bhardwaj. In many YouTube videos of Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj, anybody can find free Vastu tips which are very useful to everybody. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has made many YouTube videos in Hindi on Vastu. Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj has written many books on Vastu Shastra and one of the best seller books is Vrihad Vastu Shastra Ek Mahagranth and the other book is in English that is Vastu Shastra in a modern context. Both of the books are very much popular on the internet and if anybody wants to purchase any book out of these two books, he can buy online from portals like, flip-kart, Notion Press, and other portals. Vastu for home and technical Vastu are correlated. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has done many types of research to check the vibrations and energy levels inside the premises scientifically with the help of many sensors, scanners, software, and tools. This quality of checking Vastu with the help of scientific instruments gives Dr. Anand Bhardwaj prominence at the top. One can call him with full confidence. He visits on site and his services are also available by email or WhatsApp.