Vastu for Maps and Drawings

Vastu for Maps and Drawings

Vastu consultancy for Maps and Drawings By Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Vastu for Map or drawing: Professional architects need a lot of effort in making the layout plan of a house or commercial complex, best suited to the requirement. Not only this, they take care to incorporate government bylaws. This art concentrates on making the exterior, interior, and room sizes and location, most handy and practical to use. The setting of all the above in consultation with Vastu tunes the house and inmates so much pleasing that the entire area fills with a lot of positive vibes. It should be refreshing, soothing & matching with the needs and size of the residents. The same case is also with the Vastu for drawing of a commercial complex or a business house. The size, location, and shape of all the rooms and facilities should be so helpful that everyone easily uses and appreciates them. But, at the same time if we have spent a large amount in the building structure that looks good but does not help the family in gaining good health, wealth, and harmony. If a bedroom has an interior against the Vastu tenets, it may spoil the health of the inmates. Hence Vastu advisor should be a part of the discussion while deciding upon the layout or drawing of interiors. In tune with the above, if an office is designed as per Vastu tenets, it shall promote the business.

Vastu Plans- The Initial Step:

As we understand that east facing house Vastu plan is easy to draw but making Vastu friendly stairs in an east facing is most challenging. So far as Vastu home plans or Vastu house plans are concerned, the Vastu consultants near me has to take care of south facing house Vastu plan with his best efforts. The east facing house Vastu plan with pooja room should locate the pooja place in north-east but not in corner. The size of idols should not exceed 9 inches. Vastu plan drafted to construct the west facing house Vastu plan then the client may ask for the north facing house Vastu plan with pooja room which should not be in the north because it is not good to have pooja place in north. North facing house Vastu plan shall take care of kitchen and the washrooms Vastu because washroom or toilets not to be in north or north-east. We are also focussing on north facing duplex house plans as per Vastu whereas the stairs to be in only south or west. south facing house plans per Vastu will define main entry in the south-south-east. West facing house plans per Vastu will technically define the main gate in the middle of west which is grid 4 and 5. Similarly the east facing duplex house plans per Vastu will define the duplex stairs in south direction easily.

Before buying a plot: Never lose a chance to involve and invest hard-earned money in a perfect Vastu-positive and positivity oriented plot. So contact the best Vastu consultant before buying any property like a plot either for residence or for a commercial purpose. Remember, it is very hard to make a Vastu perfect house on a perfect anti-Vastu plot and it is very easy to plan a Vastu positive house on a Vastu positive piece of land.

Accordingly, a slightly/ reasonably anti-Vastu house on a perfect Vastu friendly plot is far better than having a perfect Vastu house on the perfect Vastu-negative ground. One is extremely fortunate if he has a perfect Vastu friendly house made upon a perfect Vastu friendly plot. The anti-Vastu house built upon an anti-Vastu plot brings repeated misfortune hard luck to the owners and even sometimes it becomes disastrous too.

Vastu before making a drawing or a map: Similarly Vastu guideline at the time of drafting a map or drawing of a house, business premises like industry, factory, shopping mall, go-down, showroom, shop, etc is a wise step to be initiated because once the drawing or layout plan is finalized, the entire building is bound to be built-up accordingly.

According to Vastu science, the Vastu impact starts from the day when one picks up a pencil and a piece of blank paper to draw a few lines as per his mind set-up. Earlier, Vastu consultants used to think that Vastu works upon living in a house only and it has nothing to do with an under-construction building in which we are not residing. It may seem to be indigestible and improper but one may confirm it from those who made their new house and felt the great changes appearing in life even while residing in the old/ ancestors/ rented house. Why it happens so, is a question of great concern.

Please go to the page of this site where many confusions are addressed and answered by the great renowned Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. They are really mind-opening.

There are a few steps from map or drawing make till the final building:

  1. In the first phase, the owner or the partners discuss to buy a piece of land for the intended purpose,
  2. In the second step one tries to visualize his building facilities and layouts.
  3. In the third phase, he calls the other members of the house, or in case of business premises, he invites the other partners to have a look at his idea and share their views on it.
  4. In the fourth instance, they all collectively meet the architect and discuss with him their requirements.
  5. As a next step, the architect takes his own time to find out the legalities, bi-laws, and other rules and regulations of that particular area and business set-ups.
  6. In the next step, the architect prepares a draught showing all basic needs of the house inmates or industrial unit and then try to finalize the entire building layout that includes:
  • Boundary walls,
  • Main gate,
  • Front and rear setbacks (open area),
  • Covered area
  • In the case of a house, the internal rooms, kitchen, pooja place, toilets, stairs,
  • In case of an industry, he marks the director’s cabin, office staff area, machines area, raw
    material, packing area, excise-taxation bond room, finished goods, etc.

In the entire above mentioned course, it is before step no. 1 and steps no. 6 when one should involve the Vastu shastra advisor.

How to select a good Vastu consultant for Map drafting & Vastu friendly drawing? Yes, this is the question of great concern because we are not only paying a handsome amount to him from our hard-earned money but also with the advice of a consultant we are going to make changes in the flow of invisible energies.

If the consultant is a novice one, there are chances of any mistake by him or he may do any experiment with one’s Vastu energies. A less qualified, technically unqualified, careless, less experienced, or unknown junior Vastu consultant may play with your Vastu settings, thus he may turn the things more negative.

Therefore chose one who possesses the following background:

  • He should be academically highly qualified,
  • He should talk scientific, not superstitious,
  • He should be professionally qualified,
  • He is a well known Vastu consultant,
  • He has some answerability to the common public by way of giving his articles in reputed national newspapers and magazines,
  • He should take care of you even after visiting your premises too,

East facing & other facing houses Vastu:

Vastu east facing house is always good to receive the morning sunrays. west facing house will get morning sunlight in rear courtyard. Vastu plan with pooja room may be drafted in consultation with the best Vastu consultant and each Vaastu consultant should provide the honest Vastu consultancy services to each client. The plan for south facing house and the north facing houses Vastu may look to be similar but the entrance and windows will be different. A proper plan for west facing house or Vastu maps will construct the staircase in the west or south, but those stairs to be clockwise.