Vastu Shastra – Introduction

Vastu Shastra

What Exactly is Vastu?

Vastu is a universal term used to explain a set of cosmic and earthy energies required for the health, wealth, peace and prosperity, needed for all the inmates living in the abode. In terms of building biology, Vastu Shastra speaks of receiving a number of positive vibes in the house. On the other hand, if a house, shop, factory, shopping mall, restaurant, industry or similar other premises receive and accumulate negative vibrations, it may result in harm manifolds to the human being.

Vastu concern with other subtle energy sciences: Vastu & Astrology are interconnected Shastras. The astrological definition of Vastu certainly helps us, but at the same time, astrology slightly complicates the subject & makes it more difficult. So pure Vastu is easy to understand. Today, we use Pyra-Vaastu, also spelled as Pyra-Vastu for Vastu corrections without demolition. All 4 slopes of Egyptian Pyramids or the most vibrant Crysto-Pyras are facing different directions (directions). Vastu is the combination of two Sanskrit words i.e. ‘Vas’ plus ‘Astu’. Here ‘Vas’ means to live & ‘Astu’ means “in this way”. Shastra means the wisdom, the knowledge and the system. Therefore Vastu Shastra is a collection of written guidelines defining the way of living for all mankind on this earth. Vastu knowledge took place in India in Vedic (Vaidic Era), i.e. thousands of years back. Needless to say that India has deep details of Indian Vastu laid down by our great ancestors. Even in ancient times, bedroom Vastu in Hindu mythology and Hinduism was of great importance and pointing the direction of the head while lying on the bed was well known to everyone. In fact, one can find detailed guidance and free Vastu advice on this website thru contact format to know more about furniture Vastu, house Vastu, Office Vastu, plot Vastu, etc. The correction technique also depends on the various methods used in modern time’s ‘Vaastu correction without demolition’ with the help of Pyra-Vastu & Fengshui. We also use the pyramidology technique, in which we use pyramids to tackle the conditions defined in sick-buildings. These are simple Vastu remedies which are easily available in New Delhi and other cities of India. The most advanced methods to detect all invisible positive & negative energies and vibes ( vibrations) are aura reading, aura scanning, aura photography, GDV camera method and earth energy related energy enhancing techniques etc.

Easy Vastu Tips related to Vastu for Home:

Our priority is to awaken the common man of very small tips of Vastu (Vastu Tips) that includes tips for Vastu or Vastu tenets directly defined in simple language. We shall also talk in detail about all the ten Vastu directions. We shall discuss in details the directions and their positive and negative Vastu impacts like southeast direction, good Vaastu door or Vastu entrance, etc. and a lot more minute Nano-guidelines. Vastu Vidya (the study of Vastu) contains Vastu east energy i.e. Vastu for home, Vastu for office, Vaastu home, Vastu kitchen, Vastu room, etc., and a lot of other things which are not defined in all the Vastu books available in the market.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the topmost Vastu consultants of the world who can sense all the subtle energies in and around any premises. As a Vastu consultant, he is an eminent personality defining easy Vastu remedies and free Vastu advice on reviews column through query form only. According to him, the Vastu entrance plays a vital role in our growth. His Vastu services contain Vastu Shastra throwing light on Vastu north, Vastu south, Vastu east, and Vastu west-facing residential and commercial sites. His Vastu shastra related Vastu services show Dr. Anand Bhardwaj’s command on Vedas and Vedic Vastu tips. One can find the www Vastu site of Dr. Anand and his perfection on this important Indian Vastu subject.

Vastu in Modern Architecture:

Vastu guidelines may be defined for various & almost all parts of our life that includes home, business premises, schools, factories, corporate houses, business house, etc.  Now what is Vastu has been made clear with the help of simple language and we also defined why Vastu Shastra or Vastu should be adopted in our life. We have discussed in detail about Vastu and we could define logically what is Vastu Shastra. Here we could find the exact meaning of Vastu and why Vastu is important in our life may be the personal life, the commercial life, the social life or the family life. As the prominent Vastu consultant we define everything which are expected from a Vastu expert or the person who is dealing into Vastu Shastra and one can expect that the Vastu Consultancy Services which he is going to receive from the best Vastu consultant is reliable and one can work accordingly. When somebody is going to find the top Vastu consultant and he is getting the services for Vastu for home, Vastu for office and other premises which are related to the business and money earning like Vastu for factory, Vastu for business and Vastu for other commercial premises like warehouse etc. are there for which the Vastu Consultancy Services may be availed. So far as Vastu for house and Vastu for flats and apartments are concerned they are slightly different from the basic and linear Vastu principles defined for making and independent house, Kothi, farm house or a duplex Villa.