Fengshui for Children

Fengshui for Children

Fengshui for Children

Fengshui for children: Each married couple has a strong desire to have a complete family that contains children also. Each husband and wife plan children or issues as per their conditions. But, sometimes it happens that a couple is unfortunately not being blessed with children. It is generally due to non-awareness of the Fengshui formula of ‘family direction’ that is meant to increase the size of the family.

The Vastu and Fengshui advisors may be of great help by explaining the head pointing direction matching with the couple. The fengshui item named ‘Kuan-yin-mother” is also meant to bless with issues, but the right placement of this item needs carefulness. So taking the advice of a fengshui consultant is better. A complete family of 3X3-Egyptian Grey Pyramid family of 4-S dimension helps the married couple to bless the desired issues (children).

Another set of the same dimension with added aventurine-chips shall further enhance the luck of siblings & perfect affection shall be the privilege of the entire family. Just think! the sum total of all these is enough to bless the perfect harmonious family life. What else do you want?

Negative Fengshui (YIN): The category of negative Fengshui contains everything that neither looks good not it helps us gaining prosperity. For example, clutter keeps you in the past and does not allow forward progress, hence clutter needs to be cleaned up to create serenity, to live efficiently, and to function optimally. Symbolically clutter represents all that is left undone in your life. Tackle small projects at first, to avoid overwhelm. Begin with a drawer or a portion of a closet.

You’ll then be inspired to move on to the bureau and the entire closet & other cluttered areas. The better organization empowers you with Clear Energy Flow. Feng and Shui mean Wind and Water which both have natural flows For your safety as well as for clear energy circulation, it’s best not to have an obstructed walkway. Pick up brooms, old tyres, shoes, bags, wires, and papers to assure good energy flow, ease of movement, a sense of organization & a serene place to rest.

Just check in your house – what’s opposite the door? Often there is a window across the room directly aligned with your door. This may mean that the energy that comes in, immediately flies right out.

A cure for this would be to hang from the ceiling, a multifaceted crystal midway between the door and the window. This will help the energy to stay in your space. If a wall is opposite your door and the distance is shorter than your height, the cure would be to hang a mirror on that wall to help circulate the energy instead of having the energy hit a (brick) wall.

Fengshui Cure with Mirrors: Mirrors are one of the best tools to cure certain Vastu-dosha. If you want to shift anything directly opposite to its position, use a mirror just in front of it. The best mirror cure is to use it in an anticlockwise staircase, so that it shows you climbing up clockwise. If your main door is not located in your positive direction, matching with your date of birth, just place a mirror in front of the main door in front side wall, but be careful. The distance between a mirror and the main gate should be more than 6 feet.

Feng Shui kids bedroom:

Feng Shui is the science which is very much popular in many countries and it works on the principle of energies and vibrations. Feng Shui kids bedroom is very essential and one should take care at the time of doing management and arrangement of children bedroom because if the positive energy is there inside the bedroom for the children then kids’ bedroom automatically becomes positive. Feng Shui kids room has to be kept neat and clean and it should be aromatic. There should be no cluttering and there should be no unwanted luggage lying in the rooms of kids so that these negative items are not going to enter their future and career. Feng Shui kids’ room is also very essential because the children are going to become the future of the country and they are going to contribute for the development and growth of the nation with their positive efforts. Feng Shui for kids has to see that there is no unwanted luggage lying in the bedrooms of the kids.

Feng Shui baby nursery:

Feng Shui baby nursery should also be well lit and should be neat and clean with very light Aroma. Feng Shui child’s bedroom should be given proper lights for study and there should be a night lamp of very light-yellow colour inside the room so that the kids are finding their sleep very comfortable. Feng Shui artefacts are going to receive the positive energy which is called the yang energy and that way they shall be able to prepare themselves for the service of nation. They can be the key person in the service industry or in the manufacturing industry but in every way their rules are very much responsible for their career and growth says Feng Shui. Feng Shui master are those experts who are having the supreme thinking and divine power with them to sense the positive and negative area without any instrument.

Feng Shui Consultant:

The Feng Shui consultant has to carry the responsibility of guiding the people and client in such a way that they are able to understand in very easy language what exactly is being told by the Feng Shui master or Feng Shui expert. The language of the Feng Shui consultant should be so easy that everybody is going to grasp the wording of the Feng Shui master easily. There are many artefacts & show pieces and items in Feng Shui like horses, crystals, laughing Buddha, Kuan-yin-mother, wind Chimes, sailing boat, king and queen and many other items. It is believed in Feng Shui that if every item is placed and arrange in a positive way then the positive energy automatically comes inside the room and that becomes the cause of getting up early in the morning and sleeping early in the night. If this becomes the habit and daily routine of the children then their mental growth and career becomes very easy to achieve. One is not supposed to make very hefty payment and spend very large amount in using the Feng Shui principles but the Feng Shui principles are very easy to apply. In Feng Shui there is one system to calculate the positive and negative directions with the help of Kua number calculator which is very much helpful to look at the positive directions for health, wealth, family harmony and marriage. In totality we can say a that Feng Shui is an occult science which is going to help everybody without any superstition.