Feng Shui for Interiors

Fengshui for Interiors

Fengshui for Interiors

Fengshui For Interiors: Feng Shui, the mystic science or the ancient Chinese art of achieving harmony through careful placement of objects, is finding followers in the whole World. These resources explore the influence of Feng Shui considering the architecture and design the houses and other buildings with a special emphasis on the positive exteriors and interiors. That is why Interior Designers also intend to gain proper professional knowledge to incorporate Vastu and Feng-shui for designing the interiors efficiently and effectively. These resources explore the influence of Feng Shui keeping in mind the architecture and design of the houses and other buildings with a special emphasis on the interiors. That’s why Interior Designers also intend to gain proper professional knowledge about Feng-Shui.

Fengshui oriented colors for home:

Slightly different from Vastu Shastra, Fengshui allows using fast/ dark colors up to some extent like it suggests keeping the southern wall if locates in the head side of a couple, to be painted red. Fengshui colors for the house include Fengshui color tips and Fengshui colors for the home-interior and all rooms.

The paint of mixed dark and light color is good as per Fengshui. Prefer light blue, green, pink, and cream color for rooms. Avoid excess red and black color on all the four walls in the house. Similarly, Fengshui-friendly flooring is also equally important in terms of its color, slope, texture, and material, etc. Fengshui floor plans of rooms internal designs and tints of colors are to be advised by the Fengshui consultants that match with the date of birth, room direction, and few other energy-related bases. Wooden flooring is the best. Then comes the clay, Mosaic, Ceramic Tile and Marble, etc. Avoid ant metallic flooring in a room lest it shall sweep the entire body’s positivity.

Use appropriate light:

Try to maintain the lights giving a soothing effect. Too many heavy or extensively heat-generating lights at the study table are always harmful because they put an impact of heaviness on our eyes & then causing an adverse effect on the mind too. Similarly, less illumination may cause adverse effects on eyesight.

In Fengshui, darkness is a symbol of negativity. So try to have a medium-density light inappropriate candela power. Lightings carry a high value in Fengshui, hence lighting should be bright in the house because dim light is not favorable for the residents of the house. Please take care while fixing the lights that there should be no head’s shadow falling on the paper while working on the table lest shadow shall symbolize negativity of depression.

Fengshui for Plants:

Though indoor plants are very popular in home decoration but even then avoid cactus and bonsai of large trees or any plant that oozes milky substance. Avoid big plants and trees in the north-east of the house or any business area. Do not use any ruined dry stalk tree that shows the dead tree. Barron trees are also not as good as per Fengshui.


The ceiling of a room should not be elevated or hanging or depressed. No wave-type false ceiling should be there in any bedroom. Normally flat ceiling without any cut or plus-minus levels is good for residential purposes. The ceiling with curved designs with a lot of holes & abstracts is not considered to be good in Fengshui, so avoid it.

Fengshui for computers & study:

If we use a computer, the same is proposed to keep on the right side, preferably in the agnea corner located in the south-east. Place a small four-sided pyramid of natural crystal on the top of the monitor. It shall help to reduce the radiations & cut-short the frequency of computer-related troubles. Students with less confidence or carrying an unknown fear must put a scenery of mountain behind the chair. It shall mentor by providing support and shall motivate to achieve heights.

Fengshui In Interior decoration:

Decoration of the inside of the rooms and other areas constitutes the interior decoration. In fact, interior designing & decoration is a vast term used to define the internal beauty and serenity of a house, office, room, industry, or similar other premises. Fengshui consultant suggests setting an interior according to Fengshui tenets that include internal texture, ceilings art, built, form, features, shape, multiple paints & colors for interiors, ceiling designs, wall designs, false ceiling work that includes corners, niches, walls, and ceiling inlay and outlay artwork, shelves, borders, concealed lights, fancy lights, chandeliers, false impact lights, curtains, focus lights, chairs, sofa, tables, central tables, dining table, beds, back-wall features, niches, focus lights, wall drawings, etc.

Truthfully speaking, a good interior is nothing but a melody of ‘tune’ that does not speak of itself but says everything silently about the choice, status, culture & mental set-up of the family residing inside the house or the business owner running the business of this premises. Hence, by having a glance at the interior, everyone can easily make out the standard of the owner/s. Along with the above, Fengshui friendly interior helps us to create an environment inside the premises that is filling the entire interior with positive vibes, required to attain good health, wealth, and harmony as per Fengshui guidelines.

Fengshui For Interior of a Kitchen:

The cooking area is a musty of each residential as well as commercial area. Therefore the kitchen should be made Fengshui oriented. It shall help us gaining good health.

Fireplace (gas stove) or Chulha, Electrical appliances should also be kept in the right direction as defined by your Fengshui consultant. Heating appliances like gas, ovens, microwaves should be kept in southeast directions. Geyser should be installed in the north-west area. The sink is fixed on the northern slab made in ‘L’ shape. Avoid electrical appliances in the north-east of the kitchen. This entire recipe shall keep the health of the housewife & other members in good condition. This shall help us saving on medical expenses.

Curtains colors and designs:

Curtains are used in a contrasting background with light designs or light colors and matching with contrast design. Avoid red and black color curtains in the bedroom and prefer curtains of light color. The curtains of dark color can be used in the living room. Fengshui balancing of energies theory advocates using dark & heavy curtains with lining in the negative area and light curtains in the positive vibration area or direction.

The above positivity & negativity is best defined by the professional Fengshui consultant, especially one who uses a number of sensors & instruments to detect the invisible energies, defined in Fengshui science. So avoid taking any Fengshui advice or Fengshui tips from the traditional Fengshui consultant & go for a highly qualified, highly experienced, logical, and scientific Fengshui consultant. He is the consultant whose advice is authentic and one may rely on them easily.

Fengshui for Mirrors:

According to Fengshui, the positive direction of using mirrors may fill the entire abode with a lot of positive vibes whereas a wrong use of a mirror may vacate the building from all the positivities. Hence, careful usage of mirrors is essential. Please use the mirrors in east or north-facing so that the negative energies may flush out of the house. Using a mirror in front of the bed brings disagreements to the couple. Avoid mirror in the study room and opposite to bed in the bedroom. Fengshui advises not to use mirrors in a kitchen, lest the fire element shall increase.

Correlated Interior & Feng Shui:

Feng Shui for interior is a very vast subject in which one has to study Feng Shui for bedroom in which it is to be defined that the bedroom head side should be located in the comfortable zone as per the Kua number of individual. Feng Shui bedrooms is very closely connected with Feng Shui Bagua and fen Chu. Feng Shui home or your house is to be seen from different angle when somebody is having any personal problem in the life and his energy vibrations are not balanced. In that case Feng Shui plants are very comfortable whereas the Feng Shui casa and Feng Shui living room are to be seen with each angle with the help of Feng Shui compass. Feng Shui tips include Bagua mirror and Feng Shui master has to see whether everything is comfortable inside the bedroom and Feng Shui Mirrors are of equally importance.

Items for Fengshui:

Feng Shui kitchen and Feng Shui bed are to be arranged in such a way that every type of yin and Yang energy is properly balanced in and around the bedroom and should we no obstacle in the way of yang energy. Feng Shui elements and Feng Shui front door are part of Feng Shui decorating where in the colours are to be taken care when using on the different different ways. Feng Shui bathroom is to be located in the negative direction and Feng Shui coins are very comfortable and positive to be used on the main entrance door. Feng Shui consultant has to look very minutely in the Feng Shui room and Feng Shui crystals are very useful when there is no other way to balance the vibrations in the room.

Balancing of Yin & Yang is essential:

As per the Feng Shui Masters Feng Shui Garden and the money tree are also very good to use in the office on your table when Feng Shui wealth by the Feng Shui energy in a positive way. Feng Shui plants for help and Feng Shui plants for wealth are mostly small in size and they should be kept in such a way that it is not going to produce any negative energy inside the bedroom. Feng Shui interior design for love are also very important when somebody is going to construct the new house and so far as the interior decoration is concerned water fountain are very comfortable if placed in north and it may help in in motivation to create the positive thinking process and the best career because north is a direction of career.