Vastu for Factories and Industries

Vastu for Factory and Industry

Vastu for Factory and Industry by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Getting Benefits & Good Financial Results with Vastu:

As discussed in detail under the title of Vastu for corporate houses, all the precautions should be taken in deciding the factory layout, its machines, raw material, director’s office, pantry, canteen, finishing area, excise bond room, finished goods area, Labor restroom, etc. In fixing up different areas inside the factory the main office of the CEO is of the topmost priority. This office should be so aligned with positive cosmic and telluric vibes that the owner of the factory feels delighted while sitting in his chair. Not only the above, but he should also have such confidence that he can command over all the staff and juniors working for him. This is necessary because the growth of an industry or growth of a factory mainly depends upon the volume of sales. Hence all the precautions are taken care of while deciding different departments including accounts and finance.

Criticality to apply Vastu rules:

Here we are talking about Vastu for factory or Vastu for industry which come under the peripheral concepts of  Industrial Vastu. In this we define Vastu for each site working hard to achieve the financial targets. Vastu for small scale industries becomes more crucial as this is the base of starting or start-ups. When we give few Vastu tips for factory, automatically this concentrates on Vastu for factory machine according to their individual and collective size and weight. Industrial Vastu for factory as well as Vastu shastra for factory will also define Vastu for factory sheds and their slopes. Vastu for machinery also corelated with the spread and nature of machinery in the factory. Vastu for small factory defines the location and direction for each staff like cashier, owner and others. Vastu for manufacturing factory or manufacturing units need the appropriate facilities-layout and advanced industrial Vastu should elaborate in details Vastu for factory layout including all aspects like Vastu factory main gate, main entrance, doors and windows counting and directions. Vastu layout for west facing factory is easy to chalk out because in that case the Saturn which is God of iron trade is going to help a lot.

Vastu for cordial Industrial relations (I.R.):

Merely maintaining a balance between the Management’s philosophy & employees’ feelings that joins them to move together on the same wavelength is a vital factor in the industry. What happens when an industrialist smells that a particular set of his Human Resource is behaving like an antagonist and adding fuel to spoil the industrial relations? The immediate reaction is to control the waters before it crosses the limits. There could be a number of tools used to maintain the cordial I.R. but from the VASTU point of view, the theory of “right thing on the right place in the right time” may prove to be of great help.

Vastu friendly seating directions:

A proper Vastu balance is advised to maintain the industrial peace, which is of prior importance & very much necessary for Industrial growth, that aims at continuous growth & development of the industry as well as of the Human Resources. Chief of the Organization has a proper place in the NAIRUTYA (South-West) direction of the industrial premises whereas the next in command can be placed at adjoining directions. VASTU advises the right place for the Marketing staff in AIR (north-west) side as this corner symbolizes movement. Hence it is needed that our people who are required to move in the field in want of furthermore orders, or they are there to be beside the customer to satisfy his complaint, should be placed in this useful direction, because industry can not expect anything from a marketing executive sitting in an armed chair. Similarly, the canteen, restroom, and other similar activities may also be placed at their respective Vastu friendly directions.

Vastu for ‘Design & development’:

So far as the new idea generation is concerned the individual positive direction matching with each one’s date of birth, plays an important role for the same. No industry can grow unless and until it gives the utmost value to “Innovation & Creativity”, which is a pre-requisite for getting into ‘expansion & timely diversification if needed’. It’s the birth-positive direction which is strongly advised to face. However, as a thumb rule, north or east is also good, but east symbolizes the Quality. Therefore, in some cases, I have experienced that in want of extremely good quality, the quantity lags behind & in such a situation the quantity keeps on decreasing. It is why the ISHAAN is known to be the best option for those who are the main pillars of the Organization. If we are able to properly harness the VAYAVYA direction for a place marked for finished goods or area for products before dispatch, it shall be a great achievement because once this direction starts co-operating, the action is like a siphon and the targets can easily be achieved. After it comes in tandem to the production line, the suction shall tend to increase month by month & the way to progress can be felt on the “Profitability Graph” cheerfully displayed on the main notice board. Never allow any senior or staff to sit at the negative earth, which is checked by the Vastu adviser with the help of a very modern, scientific, and advanced instrument called the ‘Geopathic-stress gauge”.

An additional benefit from Vastu:

Though everyone considers a number of factors while starting a business but the winners always think of other co-factor that may cushion the entire show manifold, thus making them different from others. The entire thinking process may contain various things like deciding the product-line, capital involved, building size, shape and location, its marketability, demand, finances, technology, resources, human assets, risk analysis, future/ growth prospects etc. but Vastu also plays an important role in it.

Physical industrial factors:

In today’s competitive environment, it is not easy for any business to sail smoothly unless the appropriate strategies are adapted well in advance. Though everyone wants the hurdle-free progressive operations of his business and tries to adopt a number of business promotion techniques all the ideas hardly work. In the quest of edging over one another, everyone wants to be a pioneer because the life span of immediate high profitability from the new products has subsequently reduced. Monopoly has no longer space in any field & up to much extent, the concept of perfect competition is being appreciated by all. Everyone is left with no option other than hiring competent marketing staff, entering into new-product line, diversification exercise, cost-cutting activities, or going for the other similar business promotion techniques.

Vastu is helpful in today’s industrial scenario:

Everyone wants to accelerate the profitability graph as early as possible. Unless & until we prepare all employees to contribute to the fast growth of the Organization, the target shall remain half achieved. On the other hand, if we can change the thinking process of our human assets so that they take the utmost pains for making the business show better, the half race is won. It is very easy for everyone to preach to others, but difficult to practice unless our entire environment is adaptive to change. In course of this concept, all the factors contributing to our business shall have to be made positive. We shall be able to make the weather favorable to us by adding up new positivities and simultaneously by reducing the negativities with the help of Vastu science.