There are certain myths & reality in Vastu study, audit, survey & advice:

Up to what extends Vaastu helps, directs or controls our life?

Vaastu is merely a supportive factor whereas the ‘KARMA’ i.e. our day to day physical efforts have more role to play in our life. Roughly, we get 40% from our Karma, 30% from Vaastu & similarly 30% from our planetary conditions. So it is not enough to build a Vaastu friendly house if we intend to shirk work.

Can Vaastu be associated with other methods like Tantra-mantra, Tarrot Readings, Nakshtras, Rashi, Janam Kundli, Jadu Tona etc.?

Vaastu is a Science and explains everything with reference to the directions. It is not the bi-product of Astrology, Tantra-mantra, or other similar things. Therefore if a novice/ so-called Vaastu consultant talks about Raashi, Grahas, Nakshatras, Tantra-mantra, Janam Kundli, Ridhhi-sidhhi, Jaap, Jadu-tona etc., & tries to guide you according to his unreasonable, illogical & superstitious explanations by way of inducing in your mind the high apprehensions / fears of hot tempered & cruel souls, spirits & stars etc. in the name of VAASTU, it means once again you are under the trap of traditional frauds whose motive can be to extract and exploit the people mentally and financially. For your satisfaction, one may ask the scientific logic of each factor explained by the Vaastu consultant.

Can a house built-up in tandem to the stars, Nakshatras, Rashi, Cards, Flying Stars etc. of any particular person like myself, my wife, father, grandfather, mother or grandmother etc.?

Please note that Vaastu’s principles are universal & equally applicable to all. If you have got your new house built-up or you are going to build a new house after getting it perfectly matched with your Janam Kundli, Rashi, Stars, Janam Name, Nakshatra, etc. calculated by a non-Vaastu person like an astrologer, a palmist, Tantrik etc., how it can suit to your coming generations whose above factors (Stars, Rashi, Nakshatras, etc.) may be absolutely different from yours? Therefore only professional Vaastu Consultants can analyze the Vaastu factors & their positive & negative impacts on human beings living in the abode. Think ! can one doctor be an orthopedist cum dentist, cum E.N.T.. expert cum dermatology expert cum pediatrician and so on …..?

I have heard that Vaastu consultants have no other option than to demolish the negative items/ parts of a building. Is it true?

Long back, in order to ward-off negativities from a building, be it a house, a business premises, industry etc. Vaastu consultants had no option than to demolish but Fengshui (the Chinese Vaastu), Pyramidology & Home Remedies have helped a lot. If a Vaastu consultant is equipped with this knowledge & has a large experience and good expertise on Vaastu, Fengshui & Pyramidology, he is always well in a position to ward-off negative factors effectively through simple methods without any demolition. However exceptions are always there; for example even in today’s modern era you may find few traditional & typical Vaastu consultants who are still working on the old methods, not adaptive to other knowledge prevailing in the world, well experimented and found perfectly comfortable.

Kindly tell us the best way to get the all round benefit from all the expertise linked with Vaastu.

People are becoming very alert in all respects. A wise man gets his house built-up according to Vaastu, decorates his interiors as per Fengshui & further boosts his entire premises with Pyramid. He also wants to incorporate the “Home Remedial Science”. What else do you want?

How do you proceed or carry-out the Vaastu surveys?

My clients can contact me on phone, explain me the details of their premises, fix-up appointments / appropriate date and time best suited to both of us, give their complete address. On the fixed date and time, I meet them personally at their site & start the work by noting down all positive & negative factors prevailing in and around the premises. The process starts from the roof & proceeds further downstairs. After having all the observations, the entire situation is analysed in terms of positivities & negativities. After that point wise simple remedies for each negativity is advised to the client. This entire exercise takes about 1 to 2 hours’ time at any small site/ location. However larger premises/ industries may take more time.