Fengshui for Doors

Fengshui for Doors

Fengshui for Doors

Fengshui For Doors: Let us start creating serenity with the Door. The Greater the door is the greater amount of energy (or Chi as known in CHINESE art) that enters your space. A door needs to open completely (90 degrees /at a right angle). This represents the full allowance of fortuitous opportunities and good possibilities to come in. Doors that open less than 90 symbolically means restricted opportunities. The Greeter is the first thing your eyes see when entering through the doorway in your entrance foyer, reception, drawing room, or even a bedroom. You could strategically place something that energetically says nice things to you, such as a photo, a favorite quote, a painting, sculpture, flower vase, or any symbol of welcome.

Maximum positivity from the main entrance:

Having impressed of the devotion of a devotee, once God appeared before him, appreciated his good deed and asked for only a single thing to offer as a boon. The devotee desired “SUKH”. God appreciated his presence of mind because this single term “SUKH” consists of everything including health, wealth, family harmony as well as social recognition. Can everybody be blessed with these all-around comforts unless he dwells in the all-round positive sphere?

According to Vastu & Fengshui, it is the main door or main entrance that has the strongest energy flow that blesses us with all-around comfort that includes health, wealth, and harmony.

Main gate & main door:

Though most of the Vastu believers give due attention to the main directions and their appropriate positioning & placement but often overlook the negativities being delivered by the main entrance whereas it plays a crucial role in Fengshui. Always try to inhale the beneficial energies to promote one’s business, family relations & social recognition from ISHAAN direction.

Check if one’s main entrance lies on the left side in East and South directions, right on North & west direction while staying inside the premises. According to the age-old science of Chinese Fengshui, the most important factor that can nicely knit one’s business prospects, the well-being of family members, and total comforts in the building largely depend upon the directions of flow of various energies which in turn bless us with an effectual & comfortable life.

Receiving positivities from positive Fengshui directions:

The entire universe is governed by various energies that roam about freely in the atmosphere and we recognized most of them by the name of multiple cosmic energies. Everything including air, wood, earth, metal, water (five elements of Fengshui), etc. is made of very minute atoms that are further defined by its atomic structure. The ultimate power which is known as God is also recognized to be the Almighty who blesses us with life energy.

The basis of human life is also energy and the moment this energy exhausts, the body becomes lifeless. According to Fengshui, all the major auspicious energies flow from different directions and it is up to us whether we can receive the positive vibrations or not. Like a human body, the house is also a complete entity that receives the maximum positive or negative vibrations from its main entrance which may be called the face or mouth of the premises. So it should be made in accordance with the Fengshui advice.

Impacts on decision making:

How these energies put an impact on human life, is a question of great concern because it’s the mind that controls and directs the decision-making capability and power of individuals and we know that it’s the decision that leads us to achieve different goals appropriately or adversely affect the same. The sum total of multiple decisions defines our lifestyle, social status, and intellect. Therefore, the right decision at right time always pays to us. The good thought certainly comes with the positive energies, that enter from the main door. This is the vibration that is received by us and this all tends to make us think creatively and positively. Hence, the maximum positive energies we receive, the more we intend to achieve comforts.

We know that it is only ‘decision making’ that makes one person different from the other one. As mentioned above, the first and foremost factor which can be grabbed by us is the decision to place the main entrance of the building. If we have the main entrance on the ISHAAN corner, whether it’s in the Northern side of East facing plot or the Eastern side of a North facing plot, both are strongly positive and the energies we receive from these directions are beneficial.

The main entrance on the Northside of West facing plot is known to be the normal entrance and good for businessmen. This corner is called the movement corner, which denotes AIR or the metal element of Fengshui. However, the main gate at the South-west corner is not recommended in Feng-shui.

Application of Feng Shui:

Now let us discuss about Feng Shui front door. Feng Shui stairs are those stairs which are going to be constructed in one side of the house and they lead to first floor and upper floors. Feng Shui doors are dependent upon the Feng Shui facing or Feng Shui house facing in which the best facing is the east because it is a direction from where the morning sun comes inside the house and Lord sun gives us the Sundays which contain Vitamin D and it has a very strong power to kill the bacteria. West facing house Feng Shui is going to concentrate on Feng Shui front entrance. Feng Shui front door facing north and Feng Shui for openable main entrance door are those which are considered as the best and most positive entrance. South east facing house Feng Shui will definitely define how to keep the negative energies outside the door.

Door Entrance Feng Shui:

At the same time front door facing north Feng Shui entrance and South East facing house Feng Shui are more concerned about the processing of vibrations in which the positive energy e is allowed to come inside the house and the negative energy e is kept away from the home. Feng Shui for home is also going to define many remedies for front door and South West facing house from west never appreciates for those who are going to create their new business. North west facing house Feng Shui is about the movement area and the metal element. Feng Shui front door facing West it is also concerned about the metal which is one of the five great elements of Feng Shui named wood, metal, water, fire and space. Similarly, there are 5 elements in Vastu also which are called water, air, Earth, fire and space. East facing house Feng Shui and Feng Shui house facing north are considered the best in Indian environment. Feng Shui door facing another door is a negative Feng Shui and those who believe in this science they will never appreciate any house which has a house facing door in south-west.

Feng Shui For Office:

Feng Shui of office desk facing door is also not good so that anybody is not going to disturb us when we are working inside the office. Feng Shui red door is good in south direction but not in north. Feng Shui for business address is most appreciable in North or middle of North East. Certainly, stairs outside front door are related with the moment of outer energy that goes upstairs without hindering anybody. So, if one has two or three floor plans than one can stay on one floor and can give a two floors to the tenants on rent. West facing front door or and Feng Shui front door facing East are good because it gives the yang energy in the morning. Feng Shui East facing door and Feng Shui West facing door are different from each other because Feng Shui main door facing wall is also called the negative energy and in that case the Feng Shui master tells to use any scenery or painting on the front wall that gives the feeling of anything which is going inside the house and there is no obstacle on the way.

Feng Shui for Love:

There are love birds as the Feng Shui item used to increase the love-luck. Feng Shui main door facing wall and Feng Shui entrance door both are best when somebody is talking about East facing front door from where he comes and goes out to do the work. Feng Shui is a science that always tries to tell the human being positive ways of life so that he can enjoy good health, wealth and harmony. There is no negative impact of Feng Shui. In China, Taiwan and Japan some people are very much aware of this science and few people who are believers of Feng Shui adopt the best ways and they hire the best Feng Shui Masters or Feng Shui experts who explain everything of the house from energy angle and from the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of all the family members on the basis of that the Kua number is calculated and the best and worst directions are defined. Everything is Defined by the Feng Shui master very clearly.