Southern Hemisphere Vastu

Southern Hemisphere Vastu

Southern Hemisphere Vastu – No.1 Award-winning Sicneitific Vastu Shastra Consultant & Expert Dr. Anand Bhardwaj in Southern Hemisphere.

 The concealed fact- an eye-opener: No wonders that a common Vastu believer is going through this brain-storming note on ‘Vastu for Southern Hemisphere, but Vastu consultants may themselves not be aware of this natural phenomenon or the unheartened truth that the Lord Sun does not behave uniform universally. This truth may look to be an ‘unsung song’ that has an unbelievable rhythm, but how one may deny the universal realities. Friends, the learning is behind the concept of teaching and both of them are the products of anxiety generated due to the urge of knowing the ‘unknown’. Why not take advantage when perhaps the highest qualified Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj with a shining & never tiring academics (i.e. MA, MBA, Ph.D. (Social), PhD. Vastu, D.Sc. eq. D.Lit. Vastu) background is going to share the facts & figures about the southern Hemisphere Vastu.

Where to apply Vastu in the Southern Hemisphere? There are many places in the Southern hemisphere like Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, Burundi, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, South-Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Maldives, part of Jakarta, Singapore and many other big and small countries. Now if somebody is going to search the fact that many vibrations and energies are different in the Southern hemisphere, this may be shocking to him because this may look to be a challenge to his existing knowledge. So far as Vastu is concerned whenever we are doing any Vastu Consultancy Services for Vastu for home, Vastu for residences, Vastu for industries, Vastu for offices, and Vastu for corporate offices in the Southern hemisphere, we have to take care of the vibrations or energies which may be different in Southern hemisphere.

We may be placed on top: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is working on the Southern hemisphere

Vastu for the last almost more than three decades and in his research, he found that almost somewhere between 60% to 65% factors may be different in Southern hemisphere countries like Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, Jakarta, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, and other countries located in the Southern hemisphere. It may be new information for the Vastu consultants who are roaming about in India and working on the traditional methods of Vedic Vastu Shastra. Those principles of Vastu Shastra are applicable in the Northern hemisphere like India and the Indian continent placed above the equator line. But if we go scientifically and try to work logically in the Southern hemisphere, definitely we will have to take care of the sun’s moment, earth’s great gravitational force, rotation of the earth, distance from the equator, and other geographical facts and figures. One has to be very much aware and alert while doing any site in the Southern hemisphere because a little error may prove to be a big mistake.

Extraordinary care is taken while advising Vastu in Southern Hemisphere: Friends; while operating as the Vastu expert or Vastu consultant for providing Vastu consultancy services in southern-hemisphere located areas, countries & cities one should work with open eyes, ears, and all sense organs very consciously so that there is no chance of any wrong or faulty Vastu advice in Southern hemisphere. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is perhaps the highest qualified Vastu consultant on this globe who moves all over the world and he has visited almost half the world in the profession of Vastu shastra. He has done many types of research on Vastu and perhaps he is the only Vastu consultant who has put forth the fact of vibrational and other natural factors found in different parts of the world. It’s not a child’s play to do Vastu Consultancy Services for the countries and cities located in the Southern hemisphere rather this desires alertness, high qualification, great experience, master-ship of the subject, and proper attention. Vastu consultants should concentrate on providing the best possible Vastu advice or Vastu consultancy services to the client with a true heart and mind. Then only the client is going to be benefited from the Vastu advice from the Vastu consultant on whom the client is showing trust and Faith.

Is Vastu 100% opposite in the Southern hemisphere? Certainly, such a debate may lead the discussion to many intricacies and uncertainties. As a matter of fact, Vastu is not 100% opposite in the Southern hemisphere because there are almost 22% Vastu factors that are related to the auspicious facet of the general life and denote the energy vibrations which are related to the Rising Sun. The remaining factors are religion-based & need no clarification. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is closely associated with the movement of Earth which is not going to change because the earth moves from west to east and the same moment is there in both of the hemispheres may be the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere. One can find misleading information on the internet and in many YouTube videos that few Vastu Consultants are of the opinion that Vastu principles are just opposite in the Southern hemisphere. The other class of Vastu experts strongly advocate that Vastu is the universal Vedic wisdom & no Vastu principle is going to be different in any other part of the globe. Rigidity is the enemy of wisdom.

Be rational in justifying the factual position: We all should be open-minded & receptive to the facts & figures. If someone sticks to the state of mind that says that Vedic Vastu principles are perfectly the same all over the world, then what to do? This is not the truth because when Dr. Anand Bhardwaj penetrates deep into the research-oriented analysis he finds that if we turn the entire Vastu upside down in the Southern hemisphere it shall not be justified. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj shares that while exercising Vastu practice in the Southern hemisphere we have to analyze multiple factors rationally with reference to the presence of the city, town, country, and area on which we are going to give our valuable Vastu advice. As we know that Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature and Vastu is the science of energies and vibrations then this becomes logical to apply the presence of mind and all the factors which are applicable logically, scientifically, and authentically in the Southern hemisphere. Certainly, one should look for a seasoned, mature, and experienced Vastu consultant like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj.

Applying Vastu in the Southern Hemisphere: There may be questions related to Vastu for Australian homes & one may logically question the kitchen direction in the southern hemisphere. The application is based on Vedas & their authenticity may not be challenged. In fact, many factors of Vastu for the northern hemisphere are different in the southern hemisphere. People ask about the best direction to sleep in the southern hemisphere & the next query is pooja room in southern hemisphere countries like Australia. It is 90-degree counterclockwise apart as compared to Indian Vastu. When doing Vastu for homes in Australia & other parts of the Southern Hemisphere, we have to set the kitchen in the southern hemisphere in the transitional direction of the sun, not like India. A professional Vastu consultant in Sydney has to study the application of facts related to the sleeping direction in Australia or in New Zealand. In each case, the presence of the mind is needed.

Coordinates of Vastu in Australia:

As you know that there is no unique and universal thumb-rules to be applied from Vastu point of view on all parts of world. Vastu in fact is the subject of deep research and this needs the appropriate scientific and geographical approach because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere Vastu is enough; if not full different from Vastu for Northern hemisphere. When we talk about Vastu for southern hemisphere or Vastu in Southern hemisphere then definitely we will have to adopt the right scientific and accurate approach because as the true scientific Vastu consultant we are there to guide always the tenets to the clients very logically.

What is the best sleeping direction of head in Australia?

If you are residing in Southern hemisphere or any country which is located in Southern hemisphere like the continent of Australia and its states like Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, North States or other parts of Australia you are looking for the best Vastu consultant in Australia then you shall be e-surfing on the Internet like Vastu expert near me or Vastu consultant near me then you may find very few Vastu consultants in your area.

Best Vastu Consultants in Australia:

Vastu Shastra consultant Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj is such an experienced Vastu consultant who always deals in scientific approach. So far as his services are concerned one can take his online Vastu services and he shall advise as Vastu specialist because people recognize him as the best Vastu consultant who can provide immaculate online and offline Vastu Consultancy Services. So for as online Vastu consultant is concerned Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the Vastu consultant who is providing the best Vastu services all over the world especially in Southern hemisphere and its parts like South Africa, South America, Indonesia, New Zealand, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

What is difference in northern Hemisphere Vastu & Southern Hemisphere Vastu?

Dear readers it is not an easy task to analyze all the positive and negative factors applied in different hemispheres logically. Now Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj would clarify that Vastu remains the same in eastern and western hemisphere but certainly it changes somewhere between 60% to 65% when calculated for Vastu for Northern hemisphere and Vastu for southern hemisphere. Certainly Vedic Vastu Shastra principles cannot be copied and pasted as it is without using the critical differences. Therefore it is essential that your Vastu consultant should be really academically qualified, professionally trained and experienced and the best Vastu consultant who can truthfully provide you his Vastu Consultancy Services with full command and confidence. If you need his services you can call him or contact him through email or WhatsApp. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a very dynamic personality and perhaps the Vastu celebrity among all the Vastu consultants of the world.

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