Vastu and Energies

Vastu & Energies - Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the best Scientific Vastu Consultant in the World who Scans all the Energies using Latest Technology.

Vastu & Energies – Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the best Scientific Vastu Consultant in the World who Scans all the Energies using Latest Technology.

Energies- Correlated with earth element: Well; one may say that energies are energies; so how they can be ‘positive energy’ or ‘negative energy’? Yes, a scientist may be right on this ‘facet’ of energy science, BUT no one may deny that the ‘Energy may be boosted up’ or ‘diminished’. Here lies the strength of technical Vastu that always works on the great part of vibrations, which we call energies. What a Vastu scientist does in a premise; he plays with the nature of energy-vibrations inside the abode or commercial premises & tries to:

  • Boost up the positive energies &
  • Diminish the negative energy,
  • Creates a balance in energies, called Yin & Yang energies,

The emergence of earth-energy in Vedic Vastu: This is certainly an art to ‘Regulate’ the energies as per our desire. What is earth energy; is a subject that has come up during the last 2-3 decades. A lot of students are engaged in various energies related researches & the earth energy has emerged as a new concept that may denote the positive, negative and neutral tendencies of the land.

Technology in Vastu Shastra: As in Vastu Shastra we talk about five elements and the earth element is one of the most important and very sensitive factors. We take birth on this earth, we walk on the earth, we work on the earth and we grow on this earth. There are few conceptual grounds which have indicated how to balance the earth element in Vastu. Unless and until the Vastu consultant is able to measure the intensity of earth energy which may vary from 3000 units to 13500 units. If a Vastu consultant is not able to check the earth energy it means he is going halfway. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the master of his profession and he has a lot of hands-on checking of Earth energy. In the past, very few Vastu consultants were using manual methods to check the positive and negative energies inside the earth and around the earth.

How to energies were checked: the historical prospects: There was energy checking with hands method, checking vibes with the help of dogs’ behaviour, checking Earth energy with the help of BS sticks, checking the earth energy with the help of earthen lamp that is called Diya and Bati method or by using other few sources of light. There was one more method to check the earth vibrations with the help of looking at the behaviour, attitude and mood of an infant child. Now it is the time of Technology and the most advanced, qualified, highly experienced and masters of Vastu shastra use few instruments which may be digital, analogue or other types of metres, sensors and scanners. Certainly, if a Vastu consultant is there on the piece of land and he is able to check the earth energy with the help of the technology; then the measures or the reading is taken by the Vastu consultant for earth energy or Earth vibration is 100% accurate and one can rely on the reading generated by the sensor, scanners and software Technologies. But we found that there are still Vastu Consultants who are still struggling to know what exactly is earth energy and how to check it.

We expertise on measuring the earth-energy: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj says “when I work on-site doing Vastu for home, Vastu for industry, Vastu for offices, Vastu for Corporates, Vastu for warehouses and Vastu for Farm Houses; then he takes the earth energy readings at various points. In various conferences, seminars & other workshops related to Vastu, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is mostly the chief guest & opening speaker on technicalities & new researches. He is really the seasoned and senior Vastu consultant who always shares his views and his Technology with the Vastu consultant who are Junior and who are in the learning stage. Let us hope that in the coming time the technology which is used to check the earth energy or Earth vibrations is going to be updated and one may be able to you know the positivity and negativity of the plot or any premises; be it residential, industrial, commercial or institutional in nature.

Vastu & Energies Scanning- Co-related:

Vastu is the science of vibrations and energies. So far as the intensity of positive and negative vibrations is concerned it is only Vastu Shastra that has the capability and capacity to balance the positive and negative vibrations in the premises. In fact the vibrations are formed with electromagnetic field which is EMF, radio frequency that is RF, Geopathic aggressions and other vibrations. Now let us discuss in detail what is electromagnetic waves and cosmic energy which interact with the earth vibrations defined has the earth energy. Vastu energy scanning is a method in which the scientific and Technical Vastu Shastra consultant scans the vibrations with the help of sensors, scanners and other vibration sensor-tools and instruments.

How to check earth energy?

Vastu Shastra is a science of vibrations and it defines how the Vastu Consultant or Vastu expert is going to explain the positive and negative energies at the site itself during Vastu Consultancy Services. Now this energy sensing and scanning is so highly technical that only best Vastu consultant or the consultant who is working as the top Vastu consultant working as scientific Vastu consultant and he is professionally trained in all the scientific approaches. So far as the scientific Vastu consultant is concerned in Vastu Shastra that includes many factors like Vastu for home, Vastu for house, Vastu for Villas, Vastu for flats and apartments. As we talk about vibrations and energies so is the case in Vastu for offices which is associated with Vastu for business and Vastu for factory that covers the industry, flats and duplex Villas too. We try to define what is earth energy, how the Earth energy is measured and what is the instrument to check the earth energy.

How Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Checks the Earth Energy?

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is perhaps one of the topmost names in the world of Vastu to deals in scientific Vastu and he has good command on sensing and scanning Geo-Vibrations, EMW, RF and cosmic energy with the help of various digital and analogue sensors, scanners and meters. Anyone can take the Vastu Consultancy Services from Dr. Anand Bhardwaj and he may call him at his side or the same services may be availed through the email, internet WhatsApp and mobile phone.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj may be contacted on his personal phone number +91-9811656700 or +91-9999256700. He may be communicated on his email On all social media, his presence is like the Vastu celebrity.