Vastu Courses

Vastu Courses, Learn Vastu, Learn Vastu Shastra, Vastu Courses Online

Vastu Courses, Learn Vastu, Learn Vastu Shastra, Vastu Courses Online

A Warm Welcome to the ‘Scientific-Vastu-Learning’ program.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a unique teaching methodology totally different from traditional/ bookish/ superstitious Vastu courses. We teach the students to move on learning Vastu Shastra through Scientific, Logical & authentic ways & modes. We believe in imparting ‘To-the-point’ knowledge, but not piling up bundles of books, notes, papers, and useless matter. The whole of our reading material has been conceptualized, designed, and systematically organized by us which is perfect ‘Target-oriented’. This is the outcome of 37 years of rigorous improvements based on our students’ feedback, suggestions, and ideas, which we value. We need by-heart appreciation, regard & thanks from our students……… so we concentrate so much on it.


The institute “INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF VAIDIC CULTURE” (IIVC) Regd. NEW DELHI organizes different online and correspondence courses from time to time best suited to the timings, need, conditions, the purpose of learning & financial factors of the candidates. Given below are the details of the courses:


  1. ‘ON-LINE’ (Through emails/ internet)
  2. ‘Correspondence’ (Through Dak-Post / Courier)


  • ‘HINDI’ (Click to View in Hindi)

Disciplines on which the courses are organized:-

  • Vastu Shastra (Commences on 1st. & 15 th. Day of every month),
  • Numerology (Commences on 1st. & 15 th. Day of every month),

Commencement of the following Courses: 

Two times a year-
· Fengshui
· Pyramidology,
· Tarot Card Reading,
· Reiki &
· Other Occult Sciences

Please note that all the courses are through ONLINE (Distance Learning Program-Through Internet-emails) or through correspondence only.

REGULAR COURSES (Classroom System) are not currently offered by us.


ELIGIBILITY (The basic qualification/background): Any literate person with a sound knowledge of English or Hindi language with any stream i.e. Arts, Science (Medical, Non-medical), Commerce can get him/ her registered for any one course at a time.


There are five levels in Vastu courses i.e.

  1. ‘LEVEL-1’: Basic or ‘Elementary’ Course in Vastu:
  2. ‘LEVEL-2’: Advanced Vastu Course
  3. ‘LEVEL-3’: Professional Course in Vastu
  4. ‘LEVEL-4’: Remedial Vastu Course
  5. ‘LEVEL-5’: Technical (Hi-tech Instrumental) Vastu Course


Read all the pages dedicated to courses very carefully

If it suits you, fill up the ‘On-Line Admission Form’ given on the last page of Courses
Details and submit online itself. We shall receive it instantly

After receiving the online Registration Form, our admission department shall study and analyze everything filled up by the aspirant.

Within 48 hours from receipt of the ‘Filled Registration Form, we shall mail the candidate the ‘TRN’ (Temporary Registration Number), and he/she shall be asked to deposit the Course-fee in the Axis Bank located near to his/ her house in your area/ city. We advise that you should tell the banker to feed your name on the bank’s computer while depositing the fees so that we may receive your name from the bank’s instant SMS or bank’s email. Or you can call/ SMS that you have deposited the fees.

As soon as the candidate deposits the fee in our account, we shall get instant information/ message from the bank that he/ she has deposited the fee in our account.

Fees once deposited is non-refundable & non-transferable.


1.Scanned (soft) copy of recent passport size photograph

2.ID (Identity) Proof containing address For example anyone scanned a photo-copy of
Driving License, Ration Card, Passport, Office I Card or other proof)

3.Self attested Copy of proof of date of birth, like a scanned copy of Matriculation
Certificate/ Mark sheet/ certificate of highest academic/ technical qualification.

Within 48 hours from receipt of the fee, we shall mail the aspirants’ ‘PRN’ (Permanent Registration Number)’ which should be used in each correspondence/ answer sheet.

The students shall receive the following documents online

A) ‘Letter of Permanent Registration Number’,

B) Confirmation of Receipt of Course Fee,


Each course is available in English & Hindi languages only.
From 3rd. day of mailing your ‘PRN’ we shall start sending the reading material online or through courier as opted by the student. These are easy, precise, to-the-point & simple black & colored text chapters which are called ‘Modules’. The flow of study shall be as cited below:-


1.First day students will receive ‘Module-1’

2.The third-day students receive ‘Module-2’, Question Paper of Module-1 & Guidelines to proceed further i.e. how to write answers,

3.You are required to write the answers & send us/ mail/ courier as may be the case.

4.Within 24 hours from receiving your answer sheets, we shall mail the next Module 3 & Question Paper of Module-2

5.The above procedure shall continue till completion of the course & with the last In module, you shall receive the final question paper including the last module.

6.All courses are very flexible in terms of the time period. Hence if we do not receive the answer sheet to any Module, we assume that the student is busy with some other priority/urgency, hence we hold the next Module & question paper, till we receive the same. Then the procedure re-starts.

7.Thus, if the student has some personal causes, he can complete a course in an extended period also. Thus, all the courses are very flexible. But the student is allowed to complete a course within the maximum time period mentioned along with the details of each program. (See next page), after which the course shall automatically break & will re-start after depositing the then-existing full fee.

8.In case if a student feels any problem in understanding the text/ contents/ meaning etc of any module, he/ she may write thru mail also and our faculty shall address/ respond to the query within 24 hours or after taking a prior appointment thru email student may directly call the Director- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj on his personal mobile number 9811656700 between 9 PM to 10 PM as per Indian time. Students from overseas (abroad) must check their time best suited mutually.

‘Video Conferencing facility’ To simulate & create a classroom environment, we provide a ‘Video Conferencing facility’ also to all students for face-to-face interaction. For this facility, no extra charges are to be paid. But one has to have any such software and hardware like ‘Skype’ or ‘Google-talk’ with Camera, Mike & Speakers installed on the computer. For this, students are required to send a request by email so that a comfortable time can be communicated. Normally this facility is available on all Sundays between 8.30 To 10.30 PM or it may be on any other time & day as per mutually suitable schedule.


1.Checking of Answer Sheets is a regular activity. The percentage of marks is divided into ‘A+’, ‘A’, ‘B’,‘C’ & ‘D’ Grade. For the ‘D’ grade, the student is asked to re-submit the answer sheets of that/ those module/s in which he/she secured the least marks.
2.Improvement: One can re-submit the answer sheets for improvement of the ‘Garde’.
3.Each student is essentially required to undergo Viva through telephone, chatting, or video conferencing any comfortable day & mutually suitable time on completion of the course. This is done to ensure that the student has really got command of what he/ she has been taught. Viva carries 25% weightage.
4.Then IIVC prepares a comprehensive mark sheet & on the basis of marks obtained, the grades are given to the students.
5.Within 2 days from the date of ‘Viva’ the ‘Certificate of Completion of the course is Courier/ sent thru Dak/ post.
6.‘Certificate of Excellence’ is awarded to the top three students of the year/ session.

—————– ————- ——————– —————————-

Let Us Summarise:

Now let us summarise details about Certified Vastu courses in which we have told that everybody can learn Vastu and while somebody is going to learn Vastu Shastra through our Institute that is International Institute of Vaidic culture then we provide online Vastu courses and all Vastu Shastra courses are very easy to understand because they are formulated and written in very simple language used by everyone. We are dealing in certificate course in Vastu Shastra online and the certificates are enough to get the recognition from the society if somebody is going to become a Vastu Shastra consultant or Vastu shastri and he is going to start his Vaastu practice of his own. Vastu Shastra courses online contain all the information from basic, advanced, professional & Remedial Vastu Courses in which we define all the Vastu Tenets, the five directions, there sub directions and all the five elements and how they work scientifically. Vastu Shastra course should be done by a person who is willing to learn Vastu for his own knowledge or if you want to become Vaastu Consultant And want to work like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Vastu course is essential to do from a well-established Institute like IIVC and the diploma course in Vastu Shastra we provide is short term courses of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and 4 months. Diploma in Vastu Shastra contains the certificate courses and after successful completion of Vastu Shastra course we provide certificates to each student which is sent by post or by courier physically. Learn Vastu Shastra PDF is a method in which we prepare the chapters and send the chapters through email in PDF format. We also organise the pyramid Vastu courses if the total number of students or aspirants is more than 100 in one session. Therefore, we can say that Vastu Shastra courses being run by us is a platform on which every person who has done matriculation or +2 class in any subject or any discipline he can get admission and can learn the scientific Vastu Shastra which is authentic and after completing our courses and after getting the certificate from our Institute which is recognised by government of Delhi can start practice as Vastu consultant and he can earn money as well as name and fame. Vastu Shastra is a very prestigious profession in which money and personal value both come of its own. We are running online like Vastu course through zoom meeting or zoom Vastu learning courses. One can register for the physical classes, online classes, zoom Vastu classes, Vastu shastra learning through online mode etc via our admission form or through email. But for all these courses pre-registration is essential.