Maintain Accuracy in Building using Pyramids

Maintain Accuracy in Building using Pyramids

Maintain Accuracy in Building using Pyramids

Though Egyptian Grey Pyramids are always positive, even than it is always better to use them with the consultation or under the supervision of a Pyramidology expert because length of the base, number of sides, slope from apex (top), apex angle, height from base to top and material to be used for building a pyramid are the major factors to be considered while deciding the same. The best place to form a pyramid is subject to its purpose, size and shape of the plot, however, you can take lifetime benefit of pyramid water by placing an appropriate pyramid on your overhead water tank.

A perfect Swastika with seventeen rose-quartz pyramids do wonder if placed in Ishaan corner. According to Jiten Bhutt pyramid guru “PyraVastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here we utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.” Pyra Vastu is a practical art to harmonize – mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed ‘Pyramid Yantra’ at appropriate locations; to achieve health, happiness and prosperity.

PyraVastu is ideal for correcting Vastu and feng shui defects without physical-alteration, shifting or breaking home, shop or factory. Pyravastu revolution is a new, dynamic and result-oriented system designed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt is not just the usage of pyramids in vastu. This is a totally new concept created for the first time in the world.

It is a precise interactive permutation and combination of the vital force within and around us known as the “Pynergy”.

Precautions: In each case , the apex of the pyramids has to be positioned to the sky-line and the base is to be matched to perfect magnetic north-south line. it is also to be mentioned here that in this situation, east side’s slope of all the pyramids shall face to East and the slope itself shall remain parallel to the North-south line. But never place it wrongly i.e. leaning, upside down or in some other way not described here above, unless and until the pyramid is made and pre-designed to use in different way. I have also come across such cases where a novice pyramids crazy family member bought a number of sets of different pyramids, used them and had problems as it is. Pyramid indices energisers, soothing sleep and relaxation, helps in concentration and meditation, provides mental clarity and improves imagination capabilities of human being. It aids to activate the alpha-theta brain waves that provide positive impacts instantly. One can use the pyramid water to cure multiple health problems related to vitality, vigor and intestinal disorders.

Accuracy parameters: Pyramid is a combination of four triangles coming together with perfect dimensions & angles. This object has the inbuilt characteristics to absorb positive cosmic energy & to re-store it at its 1/3rd height level inside the hollow block. This energy always works in +ve manner & totally harmless. In India right from the ancient days pyramids are used for improving the spiritual power of all human beings as it was used in temples & also used for meditation.

It is absolutely of no importance that from which material the pyramid is prepared because the power of pyramid lies in it structure & not in the material. In past it was made with wood, grass, clay, stones metals like iron, copper, silver, bronze etc. Cement concrete, crystals & plastic. Among the all it is very much possible to have pyramids with perfect dimensions, accuracy of angles, regularity of thickness, standardisation & uniformity in every aspect.

Confusion: It is the matter of great confusion that which material is the best for a pyramid. Often my clients ask this basic but important question. What I experienced is that it depends on the purpose, longevity, cost, durability, place, area, need’s duration etc. as mentioned below:

  • Egyptian Grays: Normally these are recommended for self/ own property. They are good for boosting energy for a long period, best for underground purpose, excellent for anti-vastu wise made underground chemical (industrial) tanks, effluent treatment plants etc. where there are chances of other materials’ de-shaping, decaying, degradation, melting, twisting or dissolving etc. because this is made of a special hard stone that has very long life. It is also used to ward off the negativities of wrongly placed other under ground water storage tanks. It helps in curing the staircase located in north, east or north-east. These are costly pyramids, therefore not recommended to use in rented house, industry, go-down etc. Egyptian Grays pyramids are also used to cure vastu defect of any basement (cellar) located in south, west or south-west directions.
  • Italian Crystal: Normally used in clean area like Pooja place, cash box, study table, decorative items for drawing room or lobby etc.
  • Ordinary Marble: They are less energy boosting; hence they are used for only showpieces.
  • Crystal Quartz Pyramids: Like Italian crystals, they are used in clean area like Pooja place, cash box, office table, showroom counter, study table, decorative items for drawing room or lobby etc.
  • Rose quartz pyramids: Generally best used for activating marital prospects of marriageable girls. They can also be used as showpieces in the girls’ rooms.
  • Amethyst Pyramids: They work on extreme, hence normally avoided to be used in their multiples. It always aggravate or surpass the energy levels. At times it may activate the tendency of Vastu energies in the manner they are already moving.
  • Copper: Generally they are used underground at the time of Bhoomi Poojan (Shila-nyaas), inside the Pooja place or cash boxes only. People bring them as a gift or showpieces from Egypt also. Hence they can be used as decorative showpieces.
  • Brass: Normally they are small in size. They are generally used in Pooja place and money box to boost the fiscal prospects.
  • Iron (Steel, wrought iron): Though they are not negative, but because of poorest energy processors, they are absolutely of no use in Vastu.
  • Paper: best for temporary use like using as a cap while studying or thinking. It may help in idea generation, innovation, and creativity.
  • Hard Board: OK for comparatively longer period like inside a hut, false ceilings, experimental pyramids etc.
  • RCC: Best for buildings like house, offices, factory, hotels etc. It may be made more strongly positive if one real Gits-Pyramids-Cluster with white-Pyra in Centre plus Top-on-Italian is used at the apex (top) of the RCC pyramid. But take care that no metal should be used in making such RCC pyramid, otherwise the purpose of booting energies shall be unsuccessful.
  • BCC: Exactly like the RCC pyramids, bricks, concrete, cement (BCC) are also excellent for buildings like house, offices, factory, hotels etc. It may be made more strongly positive if one Real Gits-Pyramids-Cluster with white-Pyra in Centre and Italian Top is used at the apex (top) of the RCC pyramid. But take care that no metal should be used in making such RCC pyramid, otherwise the purpose of booting energies shall be unsuccessful.
  • Plastic: Very low-cost pyramids. They are good for boosting rented sites.
  • Wood: Wooden energy boosters are used for making roofs in hill stations, for meditation in Ashrams, Pyra-energy labs, huts, and canopies.
  • Clay: Pyramids made of clay can be used for showpieces.
  • Imaginary Pyramid: If there is absolutely no pyramid, physically present at any place, the imagination of a pyramid’s presence in/ on the intended area also works, say the Pyra-energy gurus like Jeeten Ji. They can be used for protection of self or others. Exactly like healing therapy of Reiki, the imaginary pyramids can be used with intentions.
    We can construct a perfect pyramid upon our overhead water tank too. But this needs a proper professional guidance. The perfect 4-s, 1×9-45+ (plus) amethyst pyramids can be used facing along the north-south direction to ward off most of the negative vibrations of Vastu defects. The material of the pyramid depends on its particular purpose & size of the pyramids depends on the buying / building capacity of the user, however, they are easily available with all reputed outlets dealing in pyramids. For particular address, etc. leave your query in “Contact-us” form. The nature, trend, positivity & cure-value, etc. of a pyramid largely depends upon its perfection while making.

How to check Pyramid: In case of doubt of the structure of the material being used to make it, it shall be better to get its nature (in terms of positive, negative, unstable or silent) checked before buying the same. Use positive pyramids only. Any distorted, crack, dis-shaped, pasted, re-created, faded or ugly looking pyramids are of no use. One may get any pyramid checked with the help of Cosmo-telluric-sensor or cosmic scanners etc. normally being used by advanced Vastu consultants of the world. These sensors can validate the positivity level of any pyramid very easily.

What exactly is pyramid Vastu:

According to Vedic Vastu there are certain rules to construct the house as per the Vedic wisdom but in modern time it is very difficult to construct any house as per Vastu because there are a lot of complications, situations and problems in constructing the house because of limited space, increased requirement, complicated by-laws and costly material. Sometimes one can find that his house is located on a ‘T’ point or there is any negative factor in front of the house in that case one can use the pyramid Vastu very easily.

The fundamentals of using Vastu pyramid for toilet:

Vastu pyramid for toilet are very famous because in modern lifestyle there are many flats and apartments and everybody is not having his own independent full house. So that way this becomes very difficult to choose any flat or apartment which has the toilet in the middle of west northwest or middle of south but in such case also Vastu is going to get the help of pyramidology or Pyra Vastu. It is wonderful to go for Pyra Vastu usage and Vastu pyramid for south west toilet are also available in the market which are made of some special stone of white colour. Pyramid for south west toilet is also available in grey or light green colour. Types of pyramids is defined as per the material, shape, size, weight and their origin. Feng shui pyramid are also used which are mostly made of crystals or Belgium glass. Though all metallic pyramids are also good but swastik pyramid is the best pyramid to be used for the pooja place if your pooja place is not located in the north east direction which is called the Ishaan kon or Ishan corner. Vastu shastra pyramid and crystal pyramid or Vastu those pyramids which are used as showpieces also in the bedroom because it is believed that wherever any pyramid is used it shall definitely spread the positive energy.

How to use lead metal pyramids:

Lead metal pyramid and lead helix are used in multiple situations where the large size of pyramids is not applied because of space scarcity. Vastu pyramid price list contains the details of the pyramid and its manufacturer because there are many manufacturers of pyramid in the world and we have to see that the pyramid which we are going to purchase is having the accurate base and top angle. Vastu pyramid includes Vastu pyramid for main door, main gate and Vastu pyramid for entrance lobby.

Pyramid Vastu remedies:

Pyramid Vastu remedies include the use of pyramids in the multiples of 9,27, 48, 81 and so on. Pyramid is not used in single piece for Vastu remedies. Yes one can you single piece made of crystal or made of glass for the sake of decoration of your drawing room or your lobby. Pyramid for Vastu dosh or Vastu defect are used in the earth and mostly they are in laid or buried in the earth and the stone or tiles are fixed on the pyramid so that pyramid is not visible on the floor. Pyramid and a brass helix are mainly used in west India for enhancing the positive energy in the house. Copper pyramids helix and Vastu copper pyramid both are commonly used in the temples and showpiece. Pyramid Vastu shastra in Hindi can be found on our YouTube videos and we have defined everything how the pyramid is going to work and how to use the pyramid in which we have told that if you are going to use Vastu pyramid for kitchen then the pyramid should be aligned to the cardinal directions and in few pyramids one can find the indication of direction. Using pyramid is not bad but using the pyramid in wrong way may be useless not negative.