Misconception & Confusions

Can I address your confusions and misperceptions: Being among the senior-most Vastu consultants of the world, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has the capability to justify the scientific and logic of each Vastu principle. This helps to delete any confusion, misinterpretation, or superstitious misperception from one’s mind. If our consultant is himself confused and carries doubts & misconceptions in his mind, how he shall guide you. Keeping in mind the above, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is addressing viewers’ confusions & hope that it shall be helpful to all.

Plants: Query Submitted by Naresh Jain, Chawri Bazar, Delhi

Misperception: Few Vastu advisors discard the thorny plants like rose etc. saying they are not auspicious. Is it right?

Clarification: No. This is not exactly what is to be taken care of. Just avoid the group (family) of cactus category inside the house because they pray for loneliness, baron, no-rains, dunes, no water, etc. that symbolize the negative desire. This is not with rose or many other thorny plants which need daily care & symbolize auspiciousness. Rather, in Fengshui, growing the lemon/ citrus plants is considered to be very auspicious, though it also has thorns. Similarly, the Bel tree (a tree with thorns) is considered to be very auspicious in Hinduism. Its leaves are offered to Lord Shiva. Rose is one of the most auspicious things that symbolizes cared. L. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru always wore it on his Achkan. Lovers gift it to show mutual attachment & this is the main constituent of a garland to welcome & honor. Then how it can be inauspicious? Certainly presenting a garland of cactus may seem to be inauspicious to everyone. Isn’t it?

Trees in south & west: Query Submitted by Makan P. Kanth, Satellite., Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad -380006

Misperception: Few Vastu advisors say that no shadow of any tree should fall on the house, is it Okay?

Clarification: No. This is not the right advice, rather we propose to have large & heavy trees in the south & west directions of the house so that they could stop the negative vibes to enter into the house from south & west. In such a case we advise growing large trees in the south and west as much as possible. The sun moves in east, south, and west directions only, so we can not avoid the shadow of southern or western trees to fall on hour house. The truth is that we advise avoiding the shadows of Pipal, Bar, Bargad (Banyan tree), Pilkhan, etc., and other worshipable trees (Dev Vriksh) to fall on the house, exactly as no shadow of a public temple should fall on the house.

White marble use in the flooring: Query Submitted by A.N.Thakur, New Colony, Udaipur

Misperception: White marble should not be used in the flooring because white marble is used for making deities/ Gods statues and idols. Hence it should not be used below the feet:

Clarification: But this is not right because the primary, best, main, and most auspicious material as per Shastra for making Gods’ statues/ idols is clay (MITTI), which no one can avoid below his feet. Secondly, big people, kings & riches had used white marble in their big Havelies, palaces, etc., and enjoyed full glory. Hence, marble can be used in flooring.

Criticism on Use of Pyramids: Query Submitted by Dr. P.Krishnan, Principal: New Era Pub School, Chennai

Misperception: Some pure Vastu consultants discard the use of pyramids by saying that these represent the place of dead bodies like mummified bodies in olden Egyptian civilization.

Clarification: But that is not right. If it would be so, all the roofs in hill stations (curved like pyramidal slopes) would be negative. Besides, all the worship places have a pyramidal structure, they are positive.

Doors opening inside or outside: Query Submitted by Mrs. Santosh Chawla, Shagun Boutique, Jhalawar (Raj)

Misperception: Few Vastu advisors confuse by saying that the doors should open clockwise.

Clarification: But this is not possible because if a door opens clockwise while opening from outside, the same door shall open anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) when we open from inside. This is next to impossible to open any door clockwise. According to true Vastu Shastra, the door should open inside and besides any wall located on the right or left side. This is exactly what is to be taken care of.

Kitchen- One of the most auspicious places, even then Vastu advisors not appreciate Pooja’s place in it. Why?: Query Submitted by Mrs. XXX (Name is hidden), Sishir Bagan Rd, Behala, Kolkata 700034

Misperception: I think that kitchen is the most auspicious place in a house, then why Vastu consultants do not allow the Pooja place in it?

Clarification: Leave aside the advice of a Vastu consultant. Just you decide whether you want to please your God with a good aroma like sandal, rose, jasmine, etc. or you want to offer Him the smell and smoke of garlic, onion, non-veg, etc. being fried & cooked inside the kitchen. Secondly, do you appreciate the Gods in the Pooja place to keep on looking at your dirty utensils lying in the sink of the kitchen the whole night? This all we have to decide.

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