On-Site Pyramid Vastu Visit

On-site Pyramid Vastu advice is always very much beneficial because in that case the Pyramids are advised to be placed upon the Earth, under the Earth, on the roof, under the ceiling, on the wall or in the corner as per the reading of positive and negative vibrations calculated by the Pyramidology advisor. Dr.  Anand Bhardwaj is a true Pyramidology consultant who visits the sites with his all technologies that is many metres, sensors, scanners, tools and software and he is able to take a reading of all the positive and negative energies on-site itself. Sometimes the people ask what is the negative energy? Dr. Anand Bhardwaj narrates and gives a presentation on the negative vibrations or negative energies and also defines how to remove the negative vibrations and create positive energy inside the home. If you are calling Dr. Anand Bhardwaj for an industrial site or a commercial site then he is the right person who can advise on placing or fixing various Pyramids on site itself. He also gives a demonstration on the working of Pyramids and most of the time his clients are astonished to see how Dr. Anand Bhardwaj gives the presentation on Pyramids. Pyra-Vastu has become very much popular during the last four decades and Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is working on Pyramid Vastu from the very first day. Perhaps he is the senior-most Pyramidology consultant who uses Pyra Vastu or Vastu Pyra in his calculation on site itself. One May wonder to know that there may be 100 types of Pyramids but how much positive vibrations are being emitted by a particular type of Pyramid is calculated with the help of sensors and metres only. So far as the technology in Pyramid or Pyra Vastu is concerned Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is perhaps the only Vastu consultant who is using Pyramid-Vastu after checking the accurate energy level of various Pyramids. He says not to use plastic Pyramids. Because plastic is already a Petrochemical and it is not going to give you any good results. Rather there are some stones and crystal Pyras which have been used traditionally and historically by the old Pyramid and Vastu consultants. They are true and there should be no doubt or no question mark on those Pyramid. but in modern time there are many types of plastic, fibre, board, Tin etc. material available in Pyramid. I would not like to comment on these Pyramids says Dr. Anand Bhardwaj but I have my own accuracy and technology to check the positive positioning and placement of Pyramids itself. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj the chief Vastu consultant and Pyramidology expert define that Pyra Vastu may be very much helpful if used in a proper way. However, wrongly placed Pyramids are not going to do any damage but they may be useless. So if you really want to do Vastu correction without demolition then paraVastu or Pyramids Vastu is also one of the wonderful modes of changing the nature of vibrations or energy inside the house or business premises. If you really need the Pyramid advice of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj you may call him with confidence and he is the right person who can very honestly not only guides you how to use the Pyramids but he also narrates the merits of right positioning and placement of right material of Pyramid. Be confident if you want our services in Pyra-Vastu and want to use Pyramid for Vastu directions without demolition; then most welcome to write to us or call.

Pyramid Vastu & types of pyramids in Vastu including Vastu shastra pyramid:-

Dear readers pyramid Vastu is becoming very famous and popular nowadays for the last almost 25 to 30 years. There are many types of Pyramids in Vastu and those pyramids are used to divert negativity or enhance the positive energy inside the house and the commercial premises. Vastu Shastra pyramid is not a new concept rather it has been applied in Vastu Shastra to remove the Vastu defects from the house or from the office including the commercial complexes in this typical structure which is conical is used to be placed in an area which is affected under the Vastu defect or Vastu flaw. iit is believed that the Vastu pyramid is going to work as the energy processor and it gradually generates the positive energies in that particular area but there are certain limitations of pyramids because they may be of anything like paper, cardboard, wood, marble, copper, Silver, Gold and other materials but plastic pyramid is not very much recommended by Dr. Bhardwaj because he says that if pyramid is going to process any energy inside the hollow structure than plastic is negative material and it may decrease the positive energy from the house.

Crystal pyramid for Vastu, pyramid for home Vastu, pyramid Vastu consultant:-

Dr Anand Bhardwaj always recommends the crystal pyramid for Vastu and pyramid crystal used is going to multiply the positive energy because on the first hand The Crystal is itself a material which always gives the positive energy in an area where the Crystal is used. At the same time the energy processor which is called as the pyramid is going to process the energy and in case of Crystal pyramid the energy is going to become not only double but multiplies many times. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj always recommends Crysto-Pyra which are the best type of pyramids and that type of pyramids are being used by the very old Vaastu consultants almost 20, 30 and 40 years back and the result was marvellous. But those pyramids have become very costly and the people have started making the pyramids with the help of plastic which is not at all appreciated by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj the one of the most famous pyramid Vastu advisor of the world because pyramid for home Vastu should be used in a pure form made of Crystopyras (Crysto-Pyras). Pyramid Vastu consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has used crystal types of pyramid of 2nd and 3rd Generation at hundreds of places and every time he got the marvellous results and outputs and astonishing results. Yes Crystopyras (Crysto-Pyras) may be slightly costly but it is value for money.

Vastu pyramid online availability factor as Vastu pyramid for wealth & Vastu pyramid yantra- as the boon in modern time: –

Vastu pyramid online are available on many online-portals and websites and one can purchase the Crystopyra (Crysto-Pyras)  type of Vastu pyramid not only online but also they are available on the very big shops dealing in Vastu and Feng Shui materials. Vastu pyramid for wealth is slightly different from the normal plain Pyra and ordinary pyramid and Vastu pyramid yantra is a type of tool which is used to create the positive energy of the thoughts and if somebody has got any problem then he can put a piece of paper with writing below the Vastu pyramid yantra and it is believed that this Vastu yantra is going to solve this problem whatever he is written on the white piece of paper with red ink and he has put the paper after writing inside the pyramid. In such a case the Vastu pyramid is going to work as the wish machine.

pyramid Vastu remedies As per the Vastu consultant And pyramid Vastu consultant: –

Vastu as one of the best tools to create the positive energy at any place where the negative toilet, negative kitchen, negative bedroom, negative Store or negative entrance or main door is located and we are supposed to do the rectification without any demolition. In such a case Vastu pyramids are going to help very much and Crystopyra (Crysto-Pyras) types of pyramids are the best to be used which is being used by Vaastu consultants worldwide and the results are very good. Vastu consultant use pyramid Vastu consultant are not the same thing because there are some pure Vastu consultants who are not dealing in pyramid Vastu but pyramid Vastu consultant is the consultant who is living in your Vastu as well as in pyramid Vastu which is used to do many rectifications of Vastu defects inside the residential and commercial premises and Christopyra is going to become very much helpful in such a case but Crystopyra (Crysto-Pyras)  be used very carefully in the supervision of a good Vastu consultant.

Pyramid Vastu expert or Pyra Vastu expert: –

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who is the expert having master ship in doing Vastu connections without demolition and he has an art of positioning and placement of things along with the pyramids and Crystopyra (Crysto-Pyras) to make the positive energy anywhere without any construction or without any demolition. So this method is very much easy and very much popular in the world because pyramid Vastu consultant like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj are getting very much prominence in the world with the help of the works and their confidence through which he uses the Crystopyra (Crysto-Pyras) 2nd or 3rd Generation at any place where the energy is to be boosted. This is the biggest help in case of removal of Vastu defects.


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